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Thread: Inspired Legionnaire of Gawaine triggers again when resurrected

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    Inspired Legionnaire of Gawaine triggers again when resurrected

    Your Display Name: Trenzalore

    Bug Description: In my last match my opponent played a Legionnaire of Gawaine which was inspired by a total of 5 other troops. I killed it the next turn and used Urunaaz to get him back to live on my side. I didn't have any inspiring troops myself but the Legionnaire still dealt it's 5 damage to my opponent and triggered all the other effects it had (draw a card and lifedrain).

    Additional Information: My opponent had a Blessing of the Fallen in play, so that might be a factor, the Legionnaire didn't get inspired again though (he had a Protectorate Clergyman in graveyard and the +1/+1 didn't trigger)

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    hahah that was me, I just made another thread for this too. Whoops.

    I didn't know that was your keep name, Khazrakh.

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    You've been first with reporting it though

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    After re-reading Ossuary's post, I am not sure what to think, but it sounds like a bug, since the other interaction I was questioning he has tested with different results.
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    To my understanding it was bug and thus I didn't attack with him the round I got him (he was inspired with speed), but after re-reading the card text I'm not that sure anymore.

    "When this troop enters play, for each card that inspired it, it deals 1 damage to each opposing champion and troop." It doesn't state that it has to be inspired the moment it comes into play so it might be working as intended. The Legionnaire actually was inspired by 5 troops and those changes are permanent in Hex.

    Let's hope somebody can clarify this

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    yes, my thoughts too.. The only counter-argument to that is that Ossuary said, vaguely that when played normally in the same circumstance those triggers would not apply.. However, how many people have replayed an already inspired Legionnaire?

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    Dunno if this is bug or not. What an odd situation though

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    Also, I have purposely time rippled my own legionnaire to replay him with inspires still on the board (so he is inspired by say 3 guys, but you now have 5 guys on the board). When you replay him in that scenario, he does exactly 5 damage, the number of inspires he is getting that turn, not 8, which would be the total number if it counted all inspires he had ever gotten (like if he worked the same way as Briar Legion's counter did).

    It is definitely counting the number of troops actually inspiring it as it comes into play, under normal circumstances.

    "Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none."
    - Shakespeare, All's Well That Ends Well

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