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    Click the left or right arrow in the home screen brings up the blue wheel like if it tries to load something:

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    When you post multiple items in the AH, the newest item you've chosen in the listing screen will have the card text and color of the item you've actually chosen, but the picture of the previous item you posted.

    Attached is a Buccaneer that looks like a Darkspire Priestess.

    AH picture.jpg

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    The social windows are bigger (double?) in the store screen:

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    The OP says the missing friends list issue has been resolved, but mine and at least another player in general chat just now still have it missing.
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    The Hop'hiro bug previously mentioned is not unique to Hophiro. All cards which add counters, then remove them and transform will keep them. Tested with all Incantations, Plant Garden, Soul Marble and both Dwarf plans. Hophiro remains the only one where this is relevant.

    Additionally, Incantation of Ascendence transforming will transform Incantation of Fear, even if IoF has 0 counters. Tested twice, appeared in both circumstances.

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    Either I am doing something wrong or we cannot sell Shards of Fate after the patch.

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    If you spam right-click a card it won't zoom in and out, instead it will keep flying in from the top right corner of the screen.
    Works both with cards in play and cards in hand.

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    The graveyard icon does not have a mouse-over tooltip to identify it. All other areas of the game board have this feature (including the deck icon right next to the graveyard).

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    - Shakespeare, All's Well That Ends Well

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    Keeping up with the posts on this list is a nightmare, so im sorry if this is posted.

    I attacked with a gem crazed, in a mono ruby deck, with the gem of flames. Enemy adamanthian scrivner blocked me. So i think all forms of unblockable are bugged.

    Additionally to save my orc, i lanced the human, but the block line persisted into the grave yard. Visual bug.
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    I noticed some bugs earlier today

    1) The opponent doesn't loose when doing nothing for 5 minutes.

    2) The game timer for a match goes into the negatives. Timer doesn't stop ticking down once it reaches 0.

    3) Xentoth's Inquisitor with Orb of Brutality, sometime loose the ability to target opponent's troop for the atk decrease effect and it freezes the timer.

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