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    Quote Originally Posted by Tidus972 View Post
    I can't validate a resolution change, always appear the "reinitialize" button
    I'm sorry. Could you include which resolution you're coming from and trying to change to, as well as post a screenshot (on imgur or other image sharing) to help our engineers see the issue?

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    Kishimoto (AI) Can use necessary sacrifice without a troop on the field.
    Please either nerf Kish, or share his secrets with the rest of us.

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    AI is so far not being very smart.

    It keeps trying to Inner Conflict troops with Spellshield on it (which shouldn't be possible I think).

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    I don't know if this classifies as a bug but the fonts are really weird for me in all resolutions.
    It's so fuzzy I can't read any card names on the board without zooming in on a card. Reading the card description without zooming in is impossible for me in game or even in card manager. Look at the screenshot. It looks like 640x480 and not 1080p.
    *edit* this is true for all resolutions widescreen or 4:3 as well as fulslcreen/window mode.

    Other issues I've been having (not necessarily bugs):

    1.)In the card manager you can't select multiple filters and once. If you want just the rares, you have to unclick all the other rarities step by step, opening up the filters again after each click. That's very time consuming.

    2.) The Chat in match is exceptionally huge

    3.) The Cards in hand are so huge that they overlap with the resource counter, which is now on the right side. See screenshot
    Quite unusual choice for the resource counter in my opinion since since you now have to keep track of both sides of the screen other than the casual look to the graveyard before.
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    I'm collecting both scroll bar/functionality bugs, as well as AI bugs and will file them in separate reports to the engineers at the end of the day, so please keep posting them. Thank you.

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    It is possible to play two shards in one turn by clicking and dragging multiple times in the first main phase. There is a period where the client is thinking and in that window if you queue multiple commands (as per above) it will play both shards. I have gotten this to occur twice now against the AI.

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    A couple more.
    - Playing against the AI (haven't tried against a person yet) is a an exercise in futility as every priority change takes about 20 seconds.
    - The deck search window can only select past the first card by manually moving the scrollbar. Meaning that unless you are aiming to go the end of the list, the new one is actually more clunky and slow then the old solution.

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    I no longer have "mouse overs" in my inventory stash. When I hover over tickets It no longer tells me the type or time of expiration

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    The Mac version is completely broken (on Mavericks, at least).
    First, you need to get around a security dialog to even launch the patcher. Apparently the app wasn't signed. I don't expect many users to know how to get around this.
    After patching the game, Hex tries to launch but freezes, using up a million CPU cycles. The game window doesn't even come up. You can force quit the client, but if you restart it, the same will happen.
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    i am able to play (and take advantage of) 2 ruby resourses in one turn. This happened while playing the dwarf robot deck in starter trials. has replicated the issue twice. happens when you just spam click more than once resource and the server lags. when it get running both resources are put into play.

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