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    Bug: the auction house interface does not allow you to sort your cards by the # owned. The card manager allows this, so the AH should as well (it would be very helpful to help us post extra rares for sale!).

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    any official word about the current bugs of set 1 - will they get smashed with the set2 patch?
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    I suspect we're in the exact same situation as the last time we changed the UI. They are no longer fixing bugs in the "old" UI, they are making the fixes we're reporting in the new version. So whenever the new UI hits, a ton of bugfixes will also be included in that patch.

    We don't know yet if the UI is going to hit before or after Set 2, but probably after to avoid changing too much at once and risking mass breakage. We'll need to wait to hear more on that for sure, though.

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    - Shakespeare, All's Well That Ends Well

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    but they are not changing the version of unity are they. Last time there was a total overhaul but this is just changes to the same version as I understand it. I expect set 2 and UI update together. Thats kinda how it reads anyway.

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