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    When I open a single booster pack It never shows me my cards. But it works fine if I open multiple card packs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lothlorien View Post
    The Mac version is completely broken (on Mavericks, at least).
    First, you need to get around a security dialog to even launch the patcher. Apparently the app wasn't signed. I don't expect many users to know how to get around this.
    After patching the game, Hex tries to launch but freezes, using up a million CPU cycles. The game window doesn't even come up. You can force quit the client, but if you restart it, the same will happen.
    Our QA team has been notified. Thank you for the information. If you could, your OS/Machine Specs (like device/yr) and any other information you can provide would be helpful.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheSecretPotato View Post
    i am able to play (and take advantage of) 2 ruby resourses in one turn. This happened while playing the dwarf robot deck in starter trials. has replicated the issue twice. happens when you just spam click more than once resource and the server lags. when it get running both resources are put into play.
    This may be due to the client/server connection issues we were experiencing. Please let me know if this happens again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Incindium View Post
    Scroll bars on chat don't work properly... one click on up arrow takes you halfway up your chat history and second click takes all the way to start of chat history... There is no way to scroll back just a page's worth of text.
    Adding to this, using a mouse scroll wheel no longer works either. - my favorite hex streamer. Click for The Official Bone Forum

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    You can have 9600 deducted with VIP. First go gives no notification, second says 'you can't repurchase this' and still deducts an additional 4800.

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    Advanced Filters isn't working like before. It's taking far too many steps. How it was previously.

    1. Click Filter
    2. Show Advanced Filters
    3. Click the Options you don't want

    Currently its,

    1. Click Filters
    2. Show Advanced Filters
    3. Click one option
    4. Go back to Step 2

    Also, is Show Only Promo Cards working? Do we have any promo cards?

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    AH listings no longer show how many of a particular card you have in your collection on mouse over.

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    When you are in another chat tab, it takes a few seconds when you switch back to general chat (in the old system it was instant) - my favorite hex streamer. Click for The Official Bone Forum

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    Can't click on Vampire King's text to show Vampire cards it spawns.
    Auction House card listings no longer show the number of cards you have in your collection when you hover over a card.

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    [ease of use feature bug]When I try to sort cards with the advanced filter each click (e.g. on Uncommons to not show them) immediately closes that tab, which is annoying when you want to click away everything because you just want to see your legendaries.

    [bug]friend list is gone entirely

    [bug, unconfirmed] it appears as if some (possibly 2) of my legendaries are gone, possibly ones that I won in recent drafts. Do I contact support?

    Otherwise a pretty smooth experience!
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