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    Lightbulb KNOWN ISSUES TRACKER: Patch

    Known Issues for patch:


    Tournament Lobbies do not update - [REPORTED]
    Tournament lobbies do not update until another match ends.

    Scheduled Tournaments show a "about to start" Pop up that persists for too long - [REPORTED]
    When signed up for a scheduled tournament a about to start notification window appears. This window is not closing properly and it causing issues for some players.

    While in Reserves fora tournament you can change champion selection (Visual Bug) - [REPORTED]
    When in the reserves of a tournament you can select a different champion but this is only a visual bug and will not change your originally selected champion

    Reveal UI overlaps - [REPORTED]
    In certain resolutions, UI elements overlap.

    Rewards tab scroll bar issues - [REPORTED]
    The rewards tab scroll bar doesn’t function in tournaments

    Localization issues - [REPORTED]
    Some text in the German and French builds still shows as English

    Install problems, performance problems with OSX Mavericks - [REPORTED]
    Players have reported install issues and performance issues with OSX Mavericks leading to the game not being playable.

    Mercenaries count as equipment in the stash - [REPORTED]
    The Mercenary count is added to equipment, not Mercenaries

    Saving deck of same name; bad - [IN PROCESS]
    If you try to save a deck over another deck of the same name it will remove both decks from your decklist

    Specific Card Bugs

    Shrine of Prosperity Skips Prep-Phase Stops - [REPORTED]
    Shrine of Prosperity as well as cards like Sadistic Castigator are causing the client to move into the first main phase and skip any prep-phase stops created by the player.

    Zodiac Chime + Archmage Wrenlocke + Countermagic locks up game - [REPORTED]
    If you have Wrenlocke and Chimes out and then play a Countermagic, the resolve priority on the copy appears and will continually reappear when clicked on.

    Misfortune played vs. AI with just 1 card to discard freezes AI - [REPORTED]
    If the AI has 1 card in hand and you play Misfortune on the AI opponent the game will become stuck and not progress

    Relentless Corruption doesn't target - [REPORTED]
    Relentless Corruption isn't targeting players and cannot be interacted with using cards like Stoneskin.

    Angel of Dawn does not use chain when played via its ability - [REPORTED]
    When Angel of Dawn is drawn as your first card for the turn it goes directly into play instead of being added to the chain as though it was played.

    Wild Growth Costs 1 on 2nd play - [REPORTED]
    After Playing Wild Growth and reducing its cost to 0, then playing the card a 2nd time on a following turn, it will reduce your resources by 1.

    Incantation of Fear - [IN PROCESS]
    If two opposing players each have a Incantation of Fear in play and one of the Incantations transforms into Maddening Nightmare, the opponents Incantation will also transform into Maddening Nightmare.
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    No messaging when purchasing VIP with platinum - [FYI]
    Some users may not get a message after purchasing platinum, if platinum was removed from your account then you tacked on another year of VIP if you already had VIP.

    Old in-game mail from auctions have visual bug only - [FYI]
    In-game mail delivered prior to the patch that notifies you of winning an auction or winning a tournament prize shows that it has a booster pack attachment. This is a visual bug only and your items for these systems mails were automatically delivered.

    Giant Caterpillar reverting buffs - [RESOLVED]
    When you transform Giant Caterpillar into Giant Cacoon and then into Giant Butterfly, modifiers to the card will disappear and reappear at random.

    Vampire King token text non functional - [RESOLVED]
    Clicking on the Vampire text in the Vampire King's rules text does not show the token

    Ruby Enchantress not trigering Legionnaire or Blessing of the Fallen - [RESOLVED]
    Ruby Enchantress does not trigger the effects of Blessing of the Fallen or Legionairre of Gawaine.

    Chest filter issues - [RESOLVED]
    Chest filter does not work in the pack opening screen

    Login screen without exit button - [RESOLVED]
    Login screen doesn't have exit button nor will close when hitting Escape key

    Select Champion portraits not updated - [RESOLVED]
    Click "Select Champion" in the Card Manager. Portraits were not updated in the patch

    Tutorial Bugs - [RESOLVED]
    During the tutorial: unable to click on Flynn's charge power. The tutorial continues until the enemy goes to 1 life. After that no other actions can be taken, tutorial cannot be completed.

    Charge counters are not removed from transformation cards - [RESOLVED]
    Any cards that transform with a certain threshold of counters are not removed when used.

    AI doesn't draw cards from Oracle song - [RESOLVED]
    The AI does not draw any cards when playing Oracle Song on itself.

    Auction House not displaying owned card count - [RESOLVED]
    AH listings no longer show how many of a particular card you own upon mouseover

    Pink borders! - [RESOLVED]
    Cards revealed in hand (Argus, Shadowgrove Witch) cause the image of the card to gain pink borders

    Inquisition causes cards in opponents hand to decrease in width - [RESOLVED]
    When playing a card that reveals an opponents hand like Inquisition and Shadowgrove Witch, a visual bug occurs on the cards in hand for the targeted player.

    Cannot bind new keys to Attack Phase and End Phase buttons - [RESOLVED]
    UI menu displays newly bound keys, but they do not work until you start a new game. The default keybinds do work.

    Stash inventory rightmost column empty - [RESOLVED]
    See screenshot for example

    Chat notifications don't disappear after opening and closing chat - [RESOLVED]
    When you open and close the chat window the chat notifications do not disappear. If you use enter to open chat though the notifications will clear.

    Mouse wheel functionality lost - [RESOLVED]
    Mouse wheel scrolling is non-functional in the client

    Scroll bar on Starter Deck card displays in the HEX Store are improperly placed underneath the cards on the rightmost side - [RESOLVED]
    Click the information button on any Starter Deck in the HEX store and you will find the vertical scroll bar underneath the cards on the righthand side

    Shard of Fate is Non-Tradeable - [RESOLVED]
    Shard of Fate cannot be traded or put up for auction. This is not intended behavior.

    Confirmation blocking button obscured - [RESOLVED]
    The confirmation button for ordering blockers can sometimes be obscured by cards in hand in certain resolutions

    VIP booster pack mailing improperly displays the booster pack - [RESOLVED]
    It is not possible to know that the booster pack has been placed in the stash unless you knew your previous count of booster packs in inventory.

    AI pass priority bar; not showing on re-connection - [RESOLVED]
    Reconnecting during the AI’s turn will no longer show the pass priority bar, proceed to attack or end turn buttons will get you back into the thick of battle

    Back row cards overlap priority button - [RESOLVED]
    Cards in the back row of play can sometimes be overlapped by the priority button

    Cards cover resource count when in a match - [RESOLVED]
    In certain resolutions, the player's hand covers the resource count

    Corrupt Harvester - [RESOLVED]
    Corrupt Harvester can be blocked by non-blood, non-artifact troops. Corrupt Harvester damage not correctly displayed by client.

    NO shaking when triggered - [RESOLVED]
    Cards no longer shake when triggering

    No shifting cards when attacking - [RESOLVED]
    Cards that attack no longer shift up when attacking

    Sort by cost in mail issues - [RESOLVED]
    Sort by cost in mail attachment UI is improperly named “Sort by X Cost”

    AI does not destroy a troop when playing Necessary Sacrifice - [RESOLVED]
    The computer AI disagrees; the sacrifice is not necessary

    Hanging client when opening multiple packs - [RESOLVED]
    Opening multiple packs at a time can cause the client to sometimes become unresponsive for a few seconds

    Monkey of the Nine Tails Image is Missing - [RESOLVED]
    Monkey of the Nine tails shows as a black card in deck and draft scenes and is missing its portrait on the game screen.

    Survival of the Fittest - [RESOLVED]
    Opposing troop does not take damage from Survival of the Fittest.

    Right-clicking packs in mail - [RESOLVED]
    Right-clicking a pack while attaching a booster to a mail will take you to the pack opening screen

    Relentless Corruption pulls off from owners deck - [RESOLVED]
    In certain edge cases Relentless Corruption pulls cards off the owners deck

    Chlorophyllia doesn't work after playing a shard from hand - [RESOLVED]
    The card currently only works before playing your one shard for the turn from hand.

    Duplicate Login Error - [RESOLVED]
    This issue was resolved with a server restart.

    VIP Double Charged - [RESOLVED]
    For some players, clicking “Buy VIP” while already having the 1 year extension double-charged the player’s account. That bug is now fixed. If you believe you were charged twice, please contact

    AI targets spellshield cards - [RESOLVED]
    When playing games against the AI, it incorrectly targets cards with Spellshield.

    Players are able to play more than one shard a turn - [[COLOR="#00FF00"]]
    If you click fast enough, you can play more than one shard a turn.

    Friends List empty - [RESOLVED]
    Players' friends lists are not displaying. They appear empty.
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    This Known issues tracker is used to help communicate what status certain known issues are at. And to report new issues, these issues should only be game bugs. Please be aware that there are times where you report what you think may be a bug but, in fact, couple be the game working in a way that you didn't expect (this usually happens around card interactions).

    Also, missing items, latency issues, disconnects, or inability to connect to the server is not a bug nor should it be reported here. Please be advised that this thread is not a customer support thread. If you need assistance please go to

    DO NOT HOLD CONVERSATIONS HERE. If you want to converse about a specific reported issues, please create a thread about it in the bug reports sub-forum:

    Any posts made here that is not reporting an issue will be removed.
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    Issue: This thread is an amazing addition but is not yet sticky.

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    Text in the patcher does not word wrap.

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    The old login screen had an X in the top right to close the client. The new one does not, which could cause confusion for some people who use full screen mode, and can't log in for whatever reason. - my favorite hex streamer. Click for The Official Bone Forum

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    The mouse wheel does not appear to function with any of the scroll bars.

    You can no longer use the "Tab" key to move between minimum bid price and buyout price in the Auction House (this makes posting items take even longer! ).

    Starter Trials appear to be available for some players again even if you already completed them. I was given access to the Shin'Hare starter trial even though it was already complete, and winning the match gave an in-game mail with a prize. I still have the option to "Continue Shin'Hare Trial" on the home screen, but I did not go in again as I do not wish to abuse this.

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    Scroll bars on chat don't work properly... one click on up arrow takes you halfway up your chat history and second click takes all the way to start of chat history... There is no way to scroll back just a page's worth of text.

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    I can't validate a resolution change, always appear the "reinitialize" button

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    Quote Originally Posted by ossuary View Post
    Starter Trials appear to be available for some players again even if you already completed them. I was given access to the Shin'Hare starter trial even though it was already complete, and winning the match gave an in-game mail with a prize. I still have the option to "Continue Shin'Hare Trial" on the home screen, but I did not go in again as I do not wish to abuse this.
    This is intended and now added to the patch notes under Tutorial.

    "Starter Trials have been extended to 5 games. Winning the 4th match earns players 2,000 gold. Winning the 5th match earns players 3,000 gold."

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