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Thread: Potential Reginald Lancashire Bug

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    Question Potential Reginald Lancashire Bug

    I thinned my opponent's deck to being near empty by playing an early Zombie Plague when he had a weenie heavy deck and him drawing a copious amount of cards after I used Heatwave on his field of weenies that had two cerulean mirror knight abilities on them. When he started his last turn, he drew his only card left. He had Reginald Lancashire on the board, he gave it flight when I had no flying blockers and he attacked. When it triggered the card draw mechanic, it gave me the victory since he decked out. However, the first and only card I drew out of the three was Reginald Lancashire.

    So I am wondering, was this a bug and should it have been a draw match? Or is the proper game mechanic that the three card draw would resolve prior to the Reginald Lancashire ability triggering and resolving?

    EDIT: Actually, never mind, I just thought through the scenario more. He was unable to draw the first card when we were both required to draw three cards, so him getting the loss was appropriate as it would have triggered his loss by failure to draw/deck out before the Reginald Lancashire ability would even be able to go on the stack. (i.e. his loss was triggered at the draw event, and essentially the card I drew became irrelevant)
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