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Thread: [Contest] Building Intermediate 'Starter' Decks.

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    [Contest] Building Intermediate 'Starter' Decks.

    Hello there Hex Community!
    My name is Nikolas Podrasky, and on the off chance that you frequent the Hex community on Twitch, or listen to the 2TurnsAhead Podcast, you've seen me around under the name Pentachills.

    To anyone unfortunate enough to have listened to my whining on the podcast or on stream recently, it should be clear that I think the base starter decks are...
    - Awesome at what they do
    - Neat introductions to the races of Hex
    - Unfortunately lacking in Reserves
    - Missing vital 'Starter Deck' pieces

    There are more thoughts of mine to add for sure. I am certainly very whiney.
    But all of this got me thinking... If the four starter decks currently exist as a free feature of new accounts, what would a purchasable starter deck look like if it were made now? Would the Reserves address deck weaknesses? Would the lore build a story for new players to engage in with their deck?

    So! I thought I'd run this contest just to see what the community could come up with.

    -Create and Submit a 60 card starter deck**, with a 15 card Reserve. (All set one PvP cards here.)
    -This deck should have some sort of connecting theme.
    -Give your Starter Deck a name! (A name is the first thing about your deck people will see. It should be catchy, and not too gaudy!)
    -Give your Starter Deck a paragraph explanation. This is the kind of thing you'd read on the back of the box for the deck while shopping in the store.
    -Give your Starter Deck a paragraph or two of lore to explain what's going on. (This can be totally pulled out of thin air. Bonus points for creativity!)
    And finally...
    -Give your Starter Deck a little run-down. What is the goal of the deck? What neat combos can you pull out? When and why should you use your reserves? Don't be too wordy, or detailed... This is for someone buying the pack to try and learn more about the game.
    - Also include a small list of cards that would be good additions to the deck. (This might seem obvious, but it's a nice thing for a newer player to see!) For any of the ... 3 posts below that missed this, feel free to edit it in, but I won't punish you for me forgetting that I wanted this here.)
    ****End Edit****


    In 2 weeks I'll go through each entry, and find 3 to 4 winners based on which submissions I feel make the best use of all of the above elements. Which starter decks I think -I- might buy, or buy for a friend as an entry to Hex.


    I have 40 packs currently that I will distribute evenly amongst winners. I realize this is probably nothing special to most of you, but feel free to find a good home for them if you don't need them.

    [**Deckbuilding Rules]

    Okay, so these are supposed to be starter decks... Perhaps a level above the ones already in the client, so there need to be a few stipulations.
    - No legendaries!
    - Show us your champion!
    - Between 3 to 5 Rares.... No doubles.
    - Between 8 to 12 Uncommons... Try to avoid 4x.
    - If you go dual shard+, include 3 Shards of Fate
    - Your reserves should address specific problems you think your deck might run into. Troubles with aggro? Control?
    - This last one I feel isn't exactly super necessary to say, but... try to limit the cost of the deck as based on the cost of cards on the AH. If your deck has Mirror Knight, Eldritch Dreamer, and then 3 other rares... You might be over budget. Try to stay within $10-20
    - Please post your decklist as text in the thread... Don't link to an outside source. Cheers.

    Thank you for reading the thread, and have fun guys.
    (Made a small edit above. Forgot something I wanted in there. ;_; )
    *Edit 2*
    Try to limit your entries to what you think is best. It's not against the rules to post extras, but for my sake, don't go overboard!
    *Edit 2 fin*
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    The Zombie Rebellion

    Due to the Necrotic using up bodies the Zombies have banded together to fight with the Ardent in a small skirmish, the Zombies are relentless in their manner slowly creeping on their enemies.


    Simply you hold your opponent off until you can get you Vultures/ Demon out

    Atrophy x2
    Sorrow x2
    Determined Zombie x4
    Headless Executioner x2
    Necessary Sacrifice x1
    Corrupted After Life x3
    Bone Warrior x3
    Call of the Grave x2
    Zombie Vulture x3
    Malice Demon x1
    Giant Corpse Fly x3
    Wall of Corpses x2
    Blood Aura x2
    Pact of Pain x1
    Terrible Transfer x2
    Murder x1
    Blood Shard x26


    The point of reserve is to bolster corpse fly in hand destruct to get Incantation of fear running asap also lends itself to a cheap tomb lord from AH

    Sadowgrove Witch x2
    Incantation of Fear x1
    Inquisition x3
    Misfortune x3
    Carrion Blobx2
    Walling Banshee x4
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    Mono Diamond Deck

    Name : Holy Endeavour

    The basic premise of this deck is white is currently a strong control color with cheap cards. (Solitary Exile, Inner Conflict, etc.). It also has a lot of ways to gain health. So to me an a decent starter deck (using Hex's 3 rare in a deck policy myself) would be Mono white (if not mono flying blue >.>) with control and trying to make your board pressence felt over time with strong troops. Also with a set of flying troops it can cover both the sky and ground unless some shards that lack flying.

    Main win con is basically control with Righteous paladins getting pumped up, and if they die, captain of dragon guard can bring them back.


    25 Diamonds


    Adamanthian Scrivener x4
    Righteous Paladin x3
    Living Totem x1
    Spearcliff Pegasus x3
    Spearcliff Cloud knight x1
    Sky'le Griffin x2
    Noble Citizenry x3
    Captain of the Dragon Guard x2


    Heroic Inspiration x2
    Repel x2
    Inner Conflict x2
    Solitary Exile x2
    Radiant Armor x2
    Diamond Aura x2


    Ivory Pawn x3
    Chaos Key x1


    Reversion x4
    Infusion of Diamond x2
    Bravery x3
    Sky'le Griffin x2
    Sapper's Charge x2
    Shellsafe Sure Shot x2

    Combos include Half the cards in the deck + righteous paladin. Ivory pawn = 1 health a turn and +1/+1 to all paladins a turn. Add in the Adamanthian Scrivs adding troops to the board, with troops that heal when put into play = they can get pumped decently well. Being mono diamond = no threshold issues.
    Hex is a MMO-TCG
    *** There is 3 very important letters in this game's genre.
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    Are you saying that it is a requirement that we use 3 shards of fate if we use multiple resource types?

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    When I first started playing paper MTG (really, really not long ago) I picked up the event deck Sweet Revenge from my LCS (Blue/Black/Red deck that focused on graveyard recursion and Burning Vengeance.) I loved this deck because it showed me another winning strategy that I hadn't encountered before. I had only really played Duels of the Planeswalkers, Pokemon TCG, and a tiny bit of YuGiOh and I was just used to building up an army and fighting with it until that point. The idea that I could "damage myself" to damage my enemy was quite a revelation.

    If I were new to Hex and TCGs, what I would want to do next after playing with my free starter for awhile is learn a new or particularly interesting way to win. Shards of Fate is a little limited here because most of the cards that do really interesting things are rare. That said, as much as I'd hate to do anything to make mill more prevalent, I think the archetype that fits this best is mill.

    So here's a theme deck built around mill:

    Thoughts of the Void

    Nin the Shadow

    11 Blood Shards
    11 Sapphire Shards
    3 Shards of Fate

    3 Sapper's Charge
    4 Flock of Seagulls
    3 Spawn of Othuyeg
    4 Twisted Fate
    2 Inquisition
    2 The Fate Rack
    3 Oracle Song
    4 Giant Corpse Fly
    3 Murder
    4 Turreted Wall
    1 Incantation of Fear
    1 Extinction
    1 Bird O'Plenty

    3 Call the Grave
    3 Sorrow
    2 Time Ripple
    1 Chaos Key
    3 Countermagic
    3 Buccaneer

    Back of the box:
    You can't win if you can't play!

    Nin the Shadow has poisoned the river upstream of a military camp and terrible nightmares have set in for all but the hardiest of troops. Dusk has become a torrent of screams, sleep walkers, and wild hallucinations while those who yet hold their sanity struggle to suppress the chaos. As the sickness reaches fever pitch, Nin descends on the camp to finish the job...

    Dominate your opponents by attacking their very source of power--their deck! Thoughts of the Void contains many actions that cause an opposing player to discard from their hand or deck, as well as a few troops that make it difficult for your opponent to deal damage. Disable and destroy until your foes have nothing left!

    Play Tips:

    *Your opponent's life total matters little here, so save your damage for their troops.
    *Playing Twisted Fate or The Fate Rack as early as possible is critical, as they have relatively small effects that add up over time.
    *Save Oracle Song until you have Twisted Fate on the board whenever possible.
    *If you have Incantation of Fear in hand, store up those charges! Nin's champion power can get that Maddening Nightmare in play in no time!
    *Bring in Sorrow and Buccaneer from the Reserves against those aggressive, fast decks.
    *Is your opponent playing Sapphire or Blood cards as well? Murder and Call the Grave can turn a threat into an asset!
    *When your opponent is playing a slower deck focusing on big, late-game threats, consider bringing in Countermagic.
    *Flock of Seagulls won't help much against a deck playing many direct damage cards such as Burn, so trade in Buccaneers for these cases.
    *Want more mayhem? Try adding Chronic Madness or more Incantation of Fear and Extinction to this deck! Not enough? Relentless Corruption would allow you to cut down your opponent's deck by drawing directly from it!
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    Quote Originally Posted by asdf2000 View Post
    Are you saying that it is a requirement that we use 3 shards of fate if we use multiple resource types?
    Aye. No more no less. It's the only real 'requirement' I forced in.

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    Another question - if I am trying to win some boosters from this, are you looking more for a deck that will win games, or a deck that is fun?

    I understand you probably want both, but which is more important?

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    Quote Originally Posted by asdf2000 View Post
    Another question - if I am trying to win some boosters from this, are you looking more for a deck that will win games, or a deck that is fun?

    I understand you probably want both, but which is more important?
    I'd say 60/40, where Fun is the 60.

    The ability for a new player to be able to learn the game with the deck is my important desire.

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    Cold Determination, Fiery Inspiration


    4 burn
    4 ruby pyromancer
    4 oracle song
    4 countermagic
    4 buccaneer
    2 crushing blow
    1 sniper of gawaine


    2 wizard of the silver talon
    3 burn to the ground
    2 stormcall
    3 ruby enchantress
    1 sword trainer


    1 royal falconer
    1 eldritch dreamer
    1 lord benjamin the wise
    1 gore feast of kog'tepetl


    Wyatt The Sapper


    3 Shards of Fate
    11 Sapphire Shards
    10 Ruby Shards


    4x time ripple
    2x ruby aura
    4x phoenix guard trainer
    2x sapphire aura
    3x arcane shield

    This deck is a budget(starter) play on an inspiration deck. It's quite cheap, costing about 9 dollars including reserves. The point is to build up buffed allies while taking out key targets. Once you've eeked out your edge, you're bound to have drawn a great finishing card.

    The theme is human wizards, using the magic of fire and water to control the battlefield and inspire their allies. In these trying times, an alliance has formed to smash enemies from both land and sea. Your enemies will have nowhere to hide.

    The deck has great synergy, which is the entire nature of any good inspiration deck. While building your army you have great early removal options in burns, and your buccaneers and burn to the grounds will provide removal even late into the game. Inspire synergizes incredibly well with the royal falconer and wizard of the silver talons, as well as the sword trainer and sniper of gawaine. Once you've dealt some damage, you will generally find yourself in the late game with a closer in your hand. Gore Feast is known as one of the best cards in the set and can easily close a game, or stormcall can give you an opening to do fatal damage. The 2 together are borderline unfair, if you get to that point. The deck also will rarely run out of cards, with 4 oracle songs, and an eldritch dreamer/lord benjamin for some more card draw. Finally, countermagic is a staple in any blue deck and we made sure not to leave it out here.

    The reserves give you 4 time ripples if you find yourself needing to delay a strong midrange deck or vs a deck that has a specific target you want to be removing. The ruby auras are there if you prefer them because the opponents deck doesn't have as much removal. Arcane shields are there if you are vs a deck that has a lot of spot removal, nothing is more infuriating than having your murder stopped and left unable to ever do it again. If you can get a spellshield on your Eldritch Dreamer that can be game over right there. Finally, if you are having trouble vs an all flying deck or you find their deck has no way to stop flyers, the rest of the reserves are there to take advantage of that.

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    The River's Flow

    Champion: Feather Drifting Downriver

    2x Howling Brave
    2x Stargazer
    4x Moon'ariu Sensei
    4x Briar Legion
    3x Buccaneer
    1x Cerulean Mentalist
    2x Glimmerglen Witch
    2x Devoted Emissary
    1x Monkey of the Nine Tails
    1x Crazed Squirrel Titan
    1x Wrathwood Colossus

    1x Replicator's Gambit
    2x Mimic
    2x Time Ripple
    2x Countermagic
    3x Oracle Song
    1x Spirit Dance
    1x Yesterday

    11x Sapphire Shard
    3x Shards of Fate
    11x Wild Shard

    1x Cosmic Totem
    2x Nature Reigns
    2x Survival of the Fittest
    2x Turbulence
    2x Mesmerize
    2x Phoenix Guard Trainer
    2x Sapphire Aura
    1x Wind of Change
    1x Manti Elder Druid

    Feather Drifting Downriver watches as the Necrotic warband makes it's way up the river.This battle had been a risk, should the enemy reach the lake the pollution they could spread would be devastating. His guile and trickery had kept them alive so far but the enemy drew nearer. As the oracle song fills his ears he realizes the gambit had paid off. His Briar Legions joins the battle and now the odds are in his favour.

    Combine the trickery of Sapphire and the savagery of Wild to reach the full potential of your troops!
    Watch both your own and your opponents troop vanish and return for an ever changing battlefield.
    As your opponent halts and struggles you gain powerful effects and grow even stronger.
    Will you slowly and methodically wrestle control of the game or do you wager it all on a desperate gamble?

    Deck Tips:
    • Use Yesterday at the end of your opponent's turn to give yourself the chance to prepare!

    • Using Yesterday or Devoted Emmisary to return your Buccaneers can buy you time.

    • Replicator's Gambit on a Buccaneer with create six replicas, each returning a troop, don't be afraid to return your own orignal buccaneer for you to replay later.

    • Monkey of the Nine Tails can be used both on your own troops as well as your opponent's!

    • Use mimic to even the battlefield by replicating your opponent's strongerst troop!

    • If you are facing unexpected challenges take a look at your Reserves for solutions.

    Enhance your deck with cards like Briar Patch Conjurer or Ancestor's Chosen that can add even more powerful cards to your deck.
    Or why not a Menacing Gralk to keep your opponent's troops exhausted.Cerulean Mirror Knight can allow you to draw and incredible
    amount of cards or maybe you would prefer to add Peek to search for cards and making Replicator's Gambit less of a gamble.
    The possibilites are endless!
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