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Thread: Team TopDeck

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    hello and thank you for accepting me in the guild hope i can make a valid contribution to the cause

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    Just wanted to let some of you guys know that me and Rivermark have connected through Skype. We will be using this program for now to get together to deck test, hang out, or be apart of the stream. If you don't want to use skype or have no way to use it i am sure its not a big deal. However getting to know your fellow Hexer's is a good idea. Communication is key!

    I do have access to Teamspeak3 and Vent servers that my friends own if we use that.

    Anyways I will be trying to put in some more streaming time tonite and friday. Hit me up in game or skype if you want to participate.

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    i can use vent teamspeak3 or skype but need to download skype which i will do today i would rather talk

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    Ok I have a Teamspeak server we can use. A buddy of mine pays for it. I will get those the info for it that are interested.

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    i am interested i need push to talk options never know what wife will say and may not be for others to hear lol

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    Lol yeah I feel ya

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    my wife made basic website for guild most of it is still default settings when she gets home from work i will have her bring everything to current the site to veiw is

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    Looks great so far. I cannot wait to see it finished !

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    Hey everyone!

    It looks great so far!
    But the background - my eyes *.* - I cant look at this background - is this only me?
    Pain Is Temporary - Glory Is Forever.

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