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Thread: Team TopDeck

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    Team TopDeck

    Hello =) Thanks for looking at our post ! We are a small guild looking for trustworthy and active members.Our main goal is to help each other out and have a trusted trading network.We hope to be a helpful guild amongst our fellow Hexers.Hex is an amazing community and we will strive to play our part in it.So feel free to message me here or Pm me in game if you are interested in joining.The more the merrier.We now have our own website (listed below) and our own TeamSpeak3 channel to chat on.I will be listing all members here as we expand.Again thanks for looking. May all your draws be TopDeck !

    Feel free to check us out on enjin.


    *LightYagami {Guild Leader}
    *Ornitier {Co Leader}
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    Grobash Here,

    Lots of things to trade as I am addicted to drafting. If anyone wants to trade let me know or if there is sufficient interest I will make a google doc of everything that I have to trade.

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    I am interested in being apart of team top deck. I am an avid player who drafts and plays constructed. I do a bit of deck testing trying out new combinations with the cards i have. I don't have every card or play sets of everything but I do have most and play sets of a lot of them. I like to stream and plan on streaming a bit more once I am apart of a group. I run a youtube channel that isn't super popular but something i do as a hobby. Anyways I hear nothing but positives about CaptainTopdeck so I am definitely interested. let me know if you want to get in TS or Skype to speak. My in game name is Presha.

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    Hiya, just wanted to post a little about myself! I am a long time TCG player, mostly casually but have been doing a bunch more competitive stuff in HEX. I have played MTG, Yu-gi-oh, Magi Nation Duel, Pokemon, and basically everything I could get my hands on. I do a ton of drafts and have not been doing much constructed but am starting to get into it more. Been playing Hex since alpha, if anyone has any questions or anything more then happy to help out! I have the same IGN as my name on here. Also currently playing a ton of Final Fantasy 14 and a big fan of RTS and Grand Strategy games. I am also looking to start streaming HEX some day if I ever stop being lazy about it haha. Also have a bunch of things I am trading and looking for here

    Nice to meet yall!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trama View Post
    Anyways I hear nothing but positives about CaptainTopdeck so I am definitely interested.
    As awesome as this is I'm not actually a leader or anything... I'm more like a mascot

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    UPDATE: I found us a new base of operations

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    I actually was my high schools mascot so don't hate lol.But I am the guild leader if anyone was wondering.Thanks for clearing that up Osthall.And as nice as that base is i think we will keep looking -_-

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    Hello team this is rivermark again, im 46 and single i ride a 2012 950 yamaha, i am form maine/usa and i played magic online for 9 years, i played hs for 6 months, i played conquest of champions for 6 months, and i played legends of norrath for 2 weeks....also i have completed the set 1 playsets...............if anyone wants to battle im willing and i help ppl alot so if you need help just ask...

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    hello i am new to the game but new to tcg's been a magic player since 95 to 2009 off and on and i would like to join the guild if possible. I am 34 yrs old currently unemployed but am a casher when working. I prefer to play sealed and draft over constructed. My name in game is necromancer add me to friends. I can also use vent or team speak dont have a skype account

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