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Thread: Sukebe's Have/Want List

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    Sukebe's Have/Want List

    Hello, and welcome to my trade thread :-)

    Set 1*, 2*, and 3 playsets are now complete, thank you everyone who helped me :-)
    *I have a playset of these that includes AA cards. I am working on getting a fully NON AA set so I can sell my AA cards and still have 4 of each card :-)
    First some things to keep in mind:

    1: I will now use the overall price for a card at to determine the cost of cards. I don't need things to be exactly equal to be willing to trade, as long as what you want is fairly close to what you have I will likely accept the trade.
    2: please only post in this thread to leave feedback on my trades with you. If you are interested in any of my cards and have things I want, please PM me on these boards or send me an in game mail.
    3: If our trade works out and you want me to leave feedback in your trade thread please include a link to that thread when you send me your cards/items from the trade.
    4: If it is not on my want list then I do not need it, so please only offer items on my list (though I will also consider booster pack (latest set only) and platinum offers)
    5: If it is not on my Trade List then I do not have it for trade, so please do not ask if I have an item not on my Have List.
    6: This list should update automatically now thanks to the api and . If it does not, I apologize in advance :-)


    I will not send my cards first in a trade unless I have traded with you enough in the past that I feel comfortable doing so. I realize this will likely upset some people but it is just the way I do things. If you have good trading rep on the forums I might make an exception but this will be on a case by case basis.

    If you are not willing to send your items to me first, please do not bother PMing me.

    My IGN: Sukebe
    I have decided to use the API sync system at as it is a whole lot easier to keep up with than what I was originally doing in this thread :-)

    I know they have some sort of trade system on that website as well but I would prefer you pm me on these forums if you would like to do a trade (or mail me in game). In either case please list what you have that I want and I have that you want in return. Please note that I only need cards from set 3, if any cards show up on my wish list that are not from set 3, please ignore them :-)

    Now, without further ado here are my links:

    What I have

    Whate I want

    Thank you for looking and I hope we can do some trading :-)


    Thank you to the following people who I have had successful trades with:
    (if you don't want to be included on this list for any reason, please let me know and I will remove you)

    Eierdotter (30/10/2014) ~800 plat
    BossHoss (30/10/2014) ~1.9k plat
    ksetrat (03/11/2014) ~50 plat
    Baigan (10/11/2014) ~5k plat
    BossHoss (13/11/2014) ~5k plat
    HAVOC (01/12/2014) ~2.2k plat
    Porthos (multiple dates ~2k+ plat
    Fensale (24/03/15) ~520 plat
    Bobilicious (25/3/15) ~3.1k plat
    Tamba (28/3/15) ~1k plat
    Bobilicious (29/3/15) ~3.5k plat
    Wingspeare (30/3/15) ~500 plat
    Crosell (30/3/15) ~1k plat
    AeternaArx (31/3/15) ~3.5k plat
    Revolution (18/5/15) ~8.1k plat
    NERDforChrist (20/5/15) ~2.5k plat
    Funghi (19/1/16) ~6.5k plat
    ChrisCrossCrap (19/1/16) ~6.5k plat
    Wuggalix (24/1/2016) ~2.9k plat
    RebelliousNoob (24/1/2016) ~2.7k plat
    CaptJack (25/1/2016) ~1.7k plat
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    thanks for the trade, worked like a chram
    Timezone: GMT+1

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    Very trustworthy trader! Thanks for the transaction
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    - Dinner & Drafts

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    thanks for the trade! much obliged!

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    Bump #1 :-)

    I only need 3 more cards to complete my playset! I also added that I will trade set 1 packs for the last cards I need and I value the packs as 145 plat each.

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    Bump #2

    Updated lists with set 2 (better late than never) :-)

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    Bump #3: Updated with cards from my birthday gift cards :-)

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    ~weekly bump :-) lots of changes to my have/wants thanks to some in game trades.

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    ~weekly bump again :-) lots of updates to my have/want list thanks to some recent trades, thanks to everyone who has traded with me :-)

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