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Thread: So impersonating people is allowed?

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    So impersonating people is allowed?

    My in game name is StarPhoenix , this dude comes on named Starypheinox obvious name rip off.

    The noble told me that only impersonating a staff isnt allowed but ok as far as he know for regular people.

    How can I say this bluntly, what a load of BULL..

    Il be damned if I get dragged down by someone impersonating me

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    How is he impersonating you? It could just be a coincidence.

    My IGN is Thael, and I've run into a couple of people with eerily similar names (I'm looking at you, Thaelan).

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    To be fair, phoenix fire is not exactly a rare concept, speaking linguistically. It's not like your name is completely unique. Something like this would be impossible for CZE to police fairly, so they have to draw a line in the sand... and that line is no impersonating staff. It's a common sense policy.

    If your name was something actually unique like Vestibrandostelnic and someone else made a Vestibrandostelnik, you'd have a much better case.

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    Most mmos have just about every combination of words which arent complete gibrish taken.
    Expect lots of people with similar names sooner or later, might as well get used to it

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    Wasn't someone banned for impersonating someone and trade scamming?
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    I agree Starphoenix.

    I for one have many high profile impersonators... LightYagami... LightReaper... out there streaming and running guilds using my good name!

    It's all highly suspect!
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    I like to look up character names in WoW's Armory. For example, there are 59 characters named Starphoenix in WoW.

    The only issue is when they start claiming to actually be you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rendakor View Post
    Wasn't someone banned for impersonating someone and trade scamming?
    The one claiming to be a "friend" of Havoc? I think that was the deal... I'm sure he was banned for scamming, not name policy; the name thing was just a part of the scam.
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    Yeah, one of the perks of closed beta / alpha was getting to pick a name that didn't have xXx@~! on either side of it.

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    I was paired against a "Warlax" once... he never actually showed up for the game though so I was spared the awkwardness of the occasion

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