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Thread: *SPOILER ALERT* Accidential Knight discussion-May Contain Spoilers. Read Book First!

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    Wow, it's probably been a good decade or so since I read either of those series. I'll agree that Belgarion is a bit... dull to say the least in the beginning. It's usually almost excepted when it comes to child/teenage "Chosen Ones" in fantasy settings.

    Like always, it mostly the other characters that make or break those kinds of series, and I did like Silk, Beldin, Vella, and a bunch of the other secondary characters.
    To my mind, they were THE reason to read the Belgariad and what sucked me in. I liked the Mallorean for letting us revisit those characters, seeing Belgarion all grown up and not whiny as well as playing with the genre by investigating why a lot of fantasy settings seem stuck and unable to progress.

    I thought both series (as well as Eddings' Elenium and Tamuli series) were very engaging and well worth the read. But that's simply my opinion, YMMV.

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    For the record, I love the Eddings' books except the very last series before they passed away.

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    Not to bring this back from the dead, but I just realized that William was likely named after William Rowan Hamilton, the guy who brought us Hamiltonian circuits, and I am now very curious as to... well, why? There's nothing about dodecahedrons or circuits in the book, unless Hex gems are cut to be those shapes (considering how hard this would be, unlikely). So this discovery is just kind of... weird. Kind of makes me wonder about the Hexahedron forum guy too, and if the name has something to do with this.
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