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Thread: Consolidated spoiler thread

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    Consolidated spoiler thread

    Hi all, I'm on my phone right now so can't do any copy paste easily, but any chance we can use this as a place to post all the spoiler images for Set 2 that have/will be out this week? I'll add to this when I get a chance, but if anyone wants to get to it now then that'd be great.

    EDIT: Updated list of cards can all be seen here:!/cards/set=sd

    EDIT: Card names and links provided below. Unfortunately I can't post more than 4 images, so you'll have to settle for the links here.
    Thanks to everyone who has been posting the actual images within the thread.

    Royal Herald >

    War Prodigy >

    Royal Cutblood >

    Her Majesty Queen Grace >

    Lady Shimmer >

    Echo of Lady Shimmer >

    Heart of Fire >

    Constantina >

    Underfoot Commander >

    Grave Nibbler >

    Subterranean Spy >

    Monsuun Shogun of Winda'jin >

    Excavation bot >

    Rise Again >

    Izydor >

    Archon of Nulzann >

    Bucktooth Roshi >

    Xartaxis, Bishop of the Azure Fang >

    Destructive Marauder >

    Canyon Scout >

    Samson, Lead Ballistics Engineer >

    Gift of Yazukan >

    Zakiir >
    (Power of Zakiir cards) >

    Mass Polymorph: Dingler >

    Succulent Cluckodon >

    Oberon's Eulogy >

    Wrathwood Master Moss >
    Wrathwood Mossling >

    Alwyn >

    Forgotten Monarch >

    Fierce Warlord >

    Salt Harpy >

    Bellow of Briggadon >
    Dangerous Beast >

    Video preview: Electroid; Construction Plans: Hornet Bot; Ingenious Engineer >

    Video preview: Savage Lord; Mecha T-Hex >

    Cockatwice >

    Video preview: Hopeheart Unicorn; Noble Heart >

    Sight of the Sun >

    Highlands Magus >

    Highlands Shinobi >

    Zeedu >

    Feral Domination >

    Drowned Shrine of Ulthar >

    Dementia Daisies >

    Droo's Unrelenting Fists >

    New Champs for set 2:
    Sir Giles Rowan >
    Bunoshi the Ruthless >
    Rutherford Banks >
    Daughter of Stars >
    Warmaster Fuzzuko >
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    Here are some of the cards from yesterday's article on the humans:

    They also posted Town Crier, but we already saw him from GenCon spoilers. You can only post 4 images per post, so I'll post the rest in a second message momentarily.

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    The other spoiler from the human article was Lady Shimmer, and her Echo:

    Also, this card was spoiled on infam0usne0's twitch stream yesterday:

    Haven't heard of any other twitch spoilers or fan site articles, but if I catch wind of any this morning, I'll post them here as well.

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    - Shakespeare, All's Well That Ends Well

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    Oh my... that ruby constant seems pretty evil when used with burn decks... throw the low cost spells like burn or ragefire at your opponent, and then finish them off with a huge "Burn to the Ground".
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    Yea am I wrong about heart of fire, seems like it works best with burn to the ground and not much else. Maybe there will be more high cost burn spells making it more effective in the future. I can see it played in limited though.

    Edit just thought about life siphon making it pretty good.
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    Quote Originally Posted by havocattack View Post
    I will have a spoiler on sat
    Can't you just spoil it now and still make the article you have planned on Saturday? :P
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    Even if he is allowed to, I doubt havoc would anyway - my guess is that the spoilers are designed for advertising Hex on twitch, etc etc.

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    spoiler - gameforge forum (but its a known card i guess)

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    Well, she's been buffed (used to be a 3/2 IIRC)

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