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Thread: Known Issues Tracker Thread - Shattered Destiny

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    I seem to recall an error message when you would attempt to socket a card in your collection, rather than a card in your deck. Although no one else in chat seemed to recall ever having encountered it, I'm fairly adamant that it used to exist and now does not. You can socket cards in your collection, to no avail or purpose.

    I feel like, even if there was never any such error message saying "you can only socket cards in your deck" or whatever, it should be there. I'm completely sure that that error existed until recently, but even if I am completely delusional it wouldn't be a bad idea to have such a thing for new players. After all, it's easy to avoid that sort of thing as an experienced player. As a new player, they may be left wondering why that change didn't save. I say that primarily because a friend of mine that I got playing asked me why his gem socket in his card wasn't saving. I had noticed this myself not long ago, so I asked him to make sure it was a card in his deck rather than in his collection and it turned out to be what was happening to him.

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    Just had a match where opponent's Cinder Knights from Army of the Arcane Cinder were not getting the buffs from champion spell of Giles. Cinder Knights in play are the only ones getting the buff. Further knights created in future turns do not receive any buffs that have been used on previous knights.

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    That's not a bug. The knights are created, so they are not in any zone prior to their existence. It's not like a troop in your deck, they simply don't exist anywhere until they're created, so they do not and should not get the buff from Giles until they are actually in play.

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    Oh!? That sucks then. I should have won that finals had I not conceded the game thinking it was a bug.

    THanks for the clarification.

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    @juggernaut If you are stuck in the lobby or reserves and not pulled into your next game after about 30 seconds, the best course of action is to re-log. This will attempt to reconnect you to your current game in progress. Hope it helps.

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