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Thread: Rainbow Stairwell League

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    Rainbow Stairwell League

    Rainbow Stairwell is a format that many players will recognize from a another card game, that basically involves deck building a constructed deck with the following requirements :
    60 card decks, 4 of each basic resource and any 4 non basic resources (ie dual shards or shard of fate)(may include duplicates within those 4)
    an artifact of 1 cost, 2 cost, 3 cost, 4 cost, 5 cost and 6 cost
    a wild card of 1 cost, 2 cost, 3 cost, 4 cost, 5 cost and 6 cost
    a sapphire card of 1 cost, 2 cost, 3 cost, 4 cost, 5 cost and 6 cost
    a blood card of 1 cost, 2 cost, 3 cost, 4 cost, 5 cost and 6 cost
    a ruby card of 1 cost, 2 cost, 3 cost, 4 cost, 5 cost and 6 cost
    a diamond card of 1 cost, 2 cost, 3 cost, 4 cost, 5 cost and 6 cost
    No X cost spells ( ie Life Siphon, Burn to the Ground etc)

    Basically everyone will have a deck with the exact same mana curve and ratios. I was playing this casually with a friend prior to Shattered Destiny, but the card pool was too limited and our decks usually consisted of mostly the same cards, but now with Set 2 available and the card pool greater, it opens up much more variety and flexibility for deck construction, as well as allowing for 5 coloured subthemes.

    I have no prize support available as I am economically challenged, but would be interested in finding players at the very least who would like to play this casually. Perhaps if there are enough people interested in this format then we could start reporting games won on the forums in the style of Rock league. If anyone is interested in playing this format please post a reply, and either find me in game (same username as on forums) or arrange games via forums with other players.

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    i loves me some rainbows.
    im in

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    Feels like 99.999% rng with very samey decks since the pool is so limited. That said if you enjoy it have fun and keep rocking.
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    Sounds fun, I'm gonna try making a few decks like that and have my friends do the same, should be quite interesting

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    Moved to a more appropriate forum. Good luck with the Rainbow Stairwell League.

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    Awesome! I do think that one of each dual shard, two of each regular resource, and 4 shards of fate would work better though...because I remember when JakeFreedom was doing the rainbow tournament that a lot of the problem was threshold screw and that would help out a lot with it...or two of each dual shard and 4 of whatever standard resources, but that doesn't feel "balanced" to me.
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    1 of each basic resource, others FFA and i am in
    otherwise it is just rng who gets more screwed
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    Jake Freedom did a tournament like this for just set 1. It was not very fun to play in. All the decks felt the same and the winner wad determined by who got shard/threshold screwed the least.

    That being said having set 2 and the fact you allow 4 more shards is better. But still seems pretty limiting and will have similar problems.

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    It could be interesting to allow free shard choice

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    I used to play a lot of formats like these, and for shard base restrictions I would recommend:

    -Must have exactly 24 shards
    -No more than one copy of any specific non-basic shard
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