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Thread: Hex Rock League: Season 3

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    Awesome, I'm in. Always loved Rock league. Looking forward to it.
    One concern though, no ban list?
    What about bugged cards that could be exploited unknowingly? (E.g. Grave nibbler being immune to a lot of removal & buffs, blood cards making wild tokens, etc.)
    IMHO, It's easier (if they aren't hotfixed by February) to just ban them than to deal with people crying "Unfair!" and having to make judgement calls.

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    IGN: dgTux.
    Forum name: dgTux

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    I would like to join the tournament.

    IGN: Cuirann

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    Yes I just recently found this game and Treshold found me in game and helped me out! Please let me join it will be a lot of fun! =)

    IGN: KiRuR

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    Homer in

    IGN: HomerSimpson

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    Count me in for this season

    ING: Mefi

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    Just a quick minor note; If you signed up through this topic; considere yourself signed up. I'll update the list of people just before the start of the season

    Also; if you played before, you don't have to sign up again.

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