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    DC DBG Crisis 2 Info

    Matt, was wondering if there was any info regarding the release date of the Crisis 2 expansion?

    Also, if there was any way we could get some spoilers or something to tide us over. I personally loved when we got the spoiler of all the Heroes Unite Character cards a few weeks before the game actually launched (it may not have been the easiest spoiler, since I spent half an hour squinting my eyes to read the cards lol). My friends and I were able to test them and see how well they worked with the Classic DC DBG since once Heroes Unite came out, we completely stopped playing it for the first couple months and focused on learning Heroes Unite.

    So I think it would be awesome if we got to view the Character cards (not all, but some) whether new or Crisis versions so that we could start playing with them (in spirit!) and see how they fair with the older sets and cards. This is all coming from someone who is extremely eager to pick 14 new Character cards to add to his pool of 42 right now.

    Thanks in advance for anything.

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    My FLGS said they were expecting it today

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    on the Cryptozoic facebook page, they put spoilers yesterday or the day before...

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    Matt, any clues on a release date or any new info on the game?

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    Is it really supposed to release this February?? I would be stoked if it did, but the site still says Q1 2015...

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    So it looks like the errata Kyle Rayner and Plastic Man were put in this set. Good move.

    Some of the Super Hero abilities seem a little odd seeing as they are based on a new mechanic. I guess we'll need to see how they play out. I'm interested to know if "blue" cards (for example) include Hero cards, or only cards that specifically say "This card is blue" on them. If not, it seems like Kyle Rayner, Indigo 1, and Deadman are not very good unless you're playing with the Crisis 2 cards.
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    The borders dictate the card color. All Heroes are blue, for example.

    Page 10 of the Crisis 2 rulebook lists the official colors of the cards.
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    We got an official release date yet Matt? Absolutely dying to get my hands on the new Character cards.

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    Take this information with a grain of salt, but this Canadian retailer claims that they will receive it by Feb 25th. While this site from California claims that they'll have it by the 28th. It's likely that these dates are placeholders corresponding to the last day in the month they receive a shipment though; my FLGSs haven't received any word of when they'll receive it.
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