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    DC Deck Building Solo Variant Concept

    Testing out this variant now, seems interesting. I will post my thoughts after I finish some play throughs.

    I came up with this because I wanted to use all my cards. I own Base set, Heroes Unite, Forever Evil and Crisis 1. At the time of posting the only set I don't own that is available is Rivals.

    (I'm typing this up at 3:00 in the AM after a night at the pub with some mates, so I apologize if it rambles a bit. Hopefully this will make sense as I stare at it blearily tomorrow afternoon)

    So here's the setup.

    --Divide all the main deck cards as well as Super-Villains(but not Impossible Mode) and Super Heroes(FE) evenly (or as evenly as possible) into two main decks.
    --Set these to either side of the playing field. You will use a line-up of 6 cards from each main deck. (Did this to make it go faster)

    --Play with 24 kicks and 30 Weaknesses.

    --Select a Character (randomly or choice, your call) from the main 30 heroes and villains (no Crisis Mode Heroes, or replace the normal mode with Crisis mode, or use both whatever, it's your game).
    Then place 3 randomly selected Characters at the top of the field. These may be purchased for 12 Power apiece, but only one per turn and only if there are no Villains or Super-Villains in either line-up. You may only use the superpower for 1 Character per turn. The others are just along for the ride.

    --Start with the standard beginning deck.(7/3)

    --Build a line-up of 6 cards from each main deck. The top main deck builds from left to right while the bottom builds from right to left.

    --On each turn you may purchase as many cards as you can afford from either line-up, but the card opposite what you purchase is destroyed.
    (If card opposite is a Super-Villain, then the non-villain card is considered locked and may not be purchased.)

    --Villains that have attacks perform their attack on you when they appear.

    --Super Villains perform their First Appearance Attack when they first come out.

    --Super-Villains may not be defeated if there are any Villains in the Line-up with them. This only refers to the line-up they are in, not the opposite.
    (Lex can't be defeated if Cheetah is in the same row as he is, but can be defeated if she is in the other row.)

    -- At the end of your turn, after you reset your hand, refill each line-up by moving all remaining cards in the build direction (left-to-right, or right-to-left) then destroy the top card of the main deck for any Super-Villains in that decks line-up, 1 card for each Super-Villain.

    --If Super-Villains end up opposite each other in the line up then their evil plans have synergized, and each one destroys 2 cards from the top of their respective main decks.

    As an example of the above - Lex Luthor is in the top line-up and Parralax is in the bottom line up. As cards are bought the Super-Villains shift until they are opposite each other. They then each destroy the top 2 cards of their respective main decks.

    (The above happened to me, then Trigon came out as well, so I was destroying 3 cards in one deck and 2 in the other each turn.)

    --If at any point the card destroyed by a Super-Villain is itself a Super-Villain, it is not destroyed. Instead, place it on the bottom of that main deck and destroy the next card instead.

    That's what I've got so far. My plan is to total up VP at the end, then divide by 5 to keep it a manageable number.

    Thoughts, ideas, (constructive) criticisms, concerns?
    Let me know.

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    seems a little over-involved to me...

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    Well, thank you for the 'constructive' criticism.

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    It might be a good idea to try and come up with a quick diagram of the way the game needs to be laid out on the table with some appropriate labeling and references to your post.

    Solo variants aren't for me, so I don't know. Just trying to help. :-

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