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    Test Server Known Issues - Armies of Myth

    New Features
    • Armies of Myth – The third set for HEX: Shards of Fate is available for testing! Choose from 20 new champions, and over 250 new cards for honor and glory! Packs and starter decks can be purchased in the in-game store.
    • New Wheels of Fate rewards for Armies of Myth – Roll your chests in Kismet’s Well to find the new Wheels of Fate rewards!
    • Chest Opening – Players will now be able to open their chests from Shards of Fate, Shattered Destiny, and Armies of Myth!
    • Extended Art – Zooming in on a card in the Card Manager will allow you to unlock a card's Extended Art! Cards that are unlocked can be toggled back and forth using the EA toggle in the upper right of the card.
    • Authenticator – Players will be able to attach a Google Authenticator to their account. More details to come.
    • Gauntlet tournaments – This new format of tournament allows a player to play sealed and constructed games on their schedule. When you win 5 games or lose 3 games (whichever comes first) your tournament is done and rewards are given based on your record.
    • Friends Challenge – Players can now directly challenge their friends through the friends interface in chat to a best-of-three-games match.

    Intentionally Disabled Features
    • We have temporarily disabled the Extended Art feature so we can focus on gameplay testing
    • We have temporarily disabled the Chest Opening feature so we can focus on gameplay testing
    • We have temporarily disabled the Tutorial so we can focus on gameplay testing

    • Game gets stuck when putting two targeted triggered abilities on the chain at the same time
    • Reconnecting to games does not currently work
    • You can be prompted to pass priority when you don’t have priority after playing a card
    • Targeting lines for cards on the chain are not always displayed from your opponent
    • There is a graphical error with some non-targeted abilities showing on the chain
    • The Starter Trial has not yet been updated for the new starter deck races
    • Decks in-game are graphically missing and the deck counts are incorrect
    • Some cards do not display their correct art while not zoomed in
    • “Battle_PassPriority” appears on the first Pass Priority button of a new game
    • Pressing F5 or F8 in your opponent’s End Phase will pass priority all the way to that Phase in your next turn
    • Pressing F5 or F8 in your own End Phase will create an invisible Priority stop that needs to be passed
    • Charge power icon continues to blink after being used (link)
    • The "choose" and "reveal" screens are currently bugged visually and will not display the cards which you are choosing, this effects many cards (link)

    Champion-Specific Bugs

    Prairie Meadow
    • Using charge power does not add text to the targeted troop, but the power still works (link)

    User Interface

    Auction House
    • Rarity filter for Chests does not work correctly, shows wrong results (link)
    • Floor Prices are not filled in automatically when listing (link)
    • Cannot cancel auctions (link)

    Card Manager

    • Stardust & Mercs are sorted together (link)

    Social / Mail
    • Unable to attach chests to mail (link)

    • You do not receive notification when you win a Set 3 Primal Pack (link)
    • You can enter invalid characters in the Open Multiple Packs box and it behaves oddly (link)
    • Cards don't fit in window when opening multiple packs (link)
    • Wheels of Fate can get stuck, spinning animation continues without stopping until you hit Back (link)

    • Tournament results are showing Games Win/Loss record instead of Match Win/Loss record
    • The countdown timer progress bar is always at the far left, but the time remaining is correct. (link)
    • Sealed Gauntlet tournaments do not reward Treasure Chests for the packs opened (link)
    • Byes do not currently count toward your total wins or prize payouts (link)
    • Ratios display incorrectly for sealed gauntlet decks (link)
    • Sealed Gauntlet matches fail to start and result in a loss if you are in full screen mode but tabbed away from client when an opponent is found (link)

    AI / Arena / PVE Bugs

    General / Global
    • Hogarth is giving his reward buffs to your opponent instead (link)

    Slaughtergear's Replicator
    • flagged as invalid for PVE decks (link)
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    Card-Specific Bugs / Issues

    General / Global
    • Some cards and equipment may not work (detailed list below)
    • Some cards currently display the text "LOCALIZATION FAILURE," meaning we are still working on the localization for that card
    • The following cards have incorrect names:
      - Death’s Legacy is now Rotting Knight
      - Mirth’s Parade is now Iljuni’s Parade
      - Ozawa’s Dance is now Crypt Shrieker
      - Flame’s Fervor is now Sandstone Rumbler
      - Time’s Offering is now Kin of Olkoth
      - Might’s Favor is now Grove Whisperer

    • Ability breaks priority & locks game (link)

    Army of Myth
    • Card is missing art in non-zoom view
    • Can create champions (link)
    • Costs 3x rather than 3xx (link)

    Augur of Sirion
    • Does not reveal the top card of a deck and you cannot play cards from it

    Bastardspawn of Bokrug
    • Does not bury any cards when he deals damage to an opposing champion

    Bellow of Briggadon
    • The created beast goes straight to the graveyard without receiving +x +x (link)

    Brown Fox Scout
    • Cannot see it or play it while it is the top card of the deck

    Dreamsmoke Mystic
    • Does not reveal the top card of the deck

    Druidic Exoshaper
    • Uses base card cost instead of modified card cost to modify his ATK/DEF (link)

    Duplicitous Duke
    • Must Attack doesn't seem to work on cards that aren't copies (link)
    • Multiple instances of duke's ability shifted onto the same troop wind up creating too many copies (link)

    Eternal Sage
    • Card text is listed twice

    Eye of Lixil
    • Does not prevent damage dealt by cards that share a shard with a threshold you have

    Highlands Blackbelt
    • Will only generate one card per game maximum (link)

    Holy Ascension
    • Voids itself at the start of your turn and does not create a Paragon

    Indigo Dreamwalker
    • Next 1+ cost card in deck is not modified (link)

    Lanupaw, Prophet of Fate
    • Doesn’t gain +2/+2 when you play a prophesied card

    • Ability does not work (link)

    • Does not deal damage to opposing champions when they draw a card

    • Ability does not work, and gates the game

    Psychic Torment
    • Does not bury cards

    Pupil of Creation
    • One shot ability does not play cards for free

    Replicator's Gambit
    • Replicated card freezes game when played (link)

    Rites of the Tranquil Dream
    • Card cannot be played

    Scorn of Oberon
    • Only lets you target an artifact for destruction

    Scroll of Yazukan
    • Counters are never removed when it gets to 6+ (link)

    Shards of fate
    • Doesn't display art of the revealed cards (link)

    • Does not deal damage to the troop's controller (link)

    • Does not gain a temporary resource

    Smash to the Ground
    • Consumes twice as many resources as you specify for X (link)

    Spiderling Egg
    • Eggs are preventing card draw (link)

    Spiritbound Spy
    • Phantom created is not put into play immediately
    • Spy is reverted and transformed instead of just transformed (link)

    • Does not add damage prevention text to the troop that gains the ability

    Starsight Oracle
    • Prophesied card does not create another Starsight Oracle

    • Does not reveal a random card (link)

    Storm Cloud
    • Ability does not leave chain after being activated, visual only (link)

    Sunsoul Phoenix
    • Cannot be played from graveyard by voiding six actions
    • Cost reduction from its ability is permanent (link)
    • Cost reduction activates from deck (link)

    Syyn, Etherdrake Nomad
    • Doesn't give "You can play this for Free" to created cards

    • Does not reduce the cost of any cards

    Titania’s Majesty
    • Cannot be played

    Twisted Taunter
    • Granted "must attack" does not force troop to attack

    Vampire Princess
    • Is missing the trigger ability and game text

    Wakuna Crowfeather
    • Other Coyotles do not receive this power
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