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    Which Equipment actually work?

    Perhaps we can compile a list of equipment that actually works? I've tested over a dozen so far and none had any effect whatsoever (and I wasn't using alternate art cards).

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    That'd have been a good start of a list. =/
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    I'll happily start adding to this list when I get a chance to play arena tonight. Will probably edit into this very post. I hope others care to do the same.

    Headband of Inquisition - Xentoth's Inquisitor
    Redefinable Adaptable Cuirass Device - S.P.A.M Bot
    Ascension Treads - Guardian Angel

    Not Sure:
    The Mirrorblade - Replicators Gambit

    Not Working:

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    Working Equipment :

    Time ripple javelin (weapon slot) - Cards bounced always get cost +2... 5 times tested
    Phoenix Guard Messenger (Glove slot) - Messenger successfully reduced to 1 every match
    Eldritch Dreamer (Helmet slot) - Successfully doubles the gem effect (Works with draw card gem but no with create a rhino gem)

    Non Working Equipment :

    Lixil's Trinket : 2 cost exhaust to give a troop a random gem buff
    Genesis Pool Naiad : (Feet slot) - does not gain +1 defense

    Sorry for forgetting the names of the equipment, I will update post with equipment names when i log back in later
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    Gardener's Hat [Chlorophyillias cost -1]

    Does not work:
    Primal Dagger [Eye of Creation troops put into play have permanent speed]
    Locket of the Elven Court [Eye of creations have "gain X health"
    Midsummer Cloak [When Puck enters play reveal top 5 cards and put those with cost >=5 into your hand] —> tested direct into play and via an Eye of Creation both do not work.
    Dawnsword [Angel of Dawn - if you have >=5 permanent resources the next non resource card costs 0]
    Divinity's light [Angel of Dawn]
    Aegis of Oblivion [Dishonourable Death - void all copies of that card in all zones]
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    Does not work:
    Patience [You pay 3 less to play King Gabriel] {Princess Victoria} It did not make His Majesty, King Gabriel, 3 cheaper (which almost cost me the game yesterday, gonna have to start working on a decent deck).

    (this was tested with the original art card, didn't draw the alternate art)
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    Burn equipment that makes it deal 3 damage works.

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    Are you guys also reporting these in the bug report forum? I know I have seen the Eye of Creation bug reported, but not sure on the others.

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    Stink Boots [Stink Troll], Dandelion Arm Guards [Crackling Sprout] both work, Gladiator Helm [Arena Regular] does not.

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    Good Ol' Boulder [Boulder Toss] does not work as well

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