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Thread: AI misplays

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    The ai Never attacks with Mazat Spearman it seems like it considers it just a 0/1 and sees no point in attacking.
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    -Ai played a Hired Horn Sellsword w/ battle equipment (at which point I was a little worried for myself)
    -but then! Sellsword came in and the AI had it battle ITS OWN TROOP!!! Both of the ai's troops died.

    On the bright side... it seems like that equipment is working.
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    On the Zoltog boss, the Poca card spawned a Blaze Elemental but the AI didn't attack with Blaze Elemental even though it was going to be sacrificed.

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    Off of my memory:
    -The AI seems to love using Living Totem's power in exclusion to cards in his hand. Even when I had a Filk Ape out, he only spent resources on repeatedly improving it to 3/3 instead of playing any cards from his hand.

    -Princess Cory did nothing for the full game but play resources and use her power twice (once on a Shrine of Prosperity a challenge started her with, once on a troop of mine). She had at least an Extinction and Plant Garden in her hand that she could and should have played.

    -When Blood Sphinx pulled an Izydor from my deck using Relentless Corruption, she only targeted one graveyard troop with Izydor's power instead of the two that she could have.
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    Multiple champions don't block killipede when its lethal.

    don't remember what champ it was but he cast incite fury on my troop when he had none.

    ballistics captain used charge power of "this troop does 1 damage to target champion or troop" on my reactor bot

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    Uzume casting feeding the young ones on her own troop. While i love it and its almost darkly flavorful it seems like a ai misscalculations. Too expand on this there where no troops on my side and she had 2 battle hoppers one blood and one wild to choose from as well as an Rune Ear Commander. She targeted the Rune Ear Commander giving me the win.

    Uzume played bucktooth roshi on her second mainphase making her three battle hoppers that where her only troops big enough to kill me but after the combat step.
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    AI demolitions expert with the passive "artifacts and dwarves deal 1 additional noncombat damage" used its charge power on its construct foreman that had been in play a few turns. It had the opportunity to exhaust and kill my 3/2 troop but did not take it. The next turn, I played solitary exile and targeted it. It did not exhaust in response to kill my troop or damage me, but just let the exile resolve.

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    Not sure if this qualifies, but the witch in tier 1 kept taking mulligans until she was down to 2 cards against me. It seems to me like it should have some type of minimum limit where it no longer makes sense to discard. She was playing first too, so no draw for her.

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    The AI doesn't seem to be able to calculate the effect of sockets in cards, e.g when I play the Cockatwice with swiftstrike the AI will attack or block with creatures like it would be an even trade atleast.

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    Sniper of Gawaine used its champion power without playing a troop.

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