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Thread: Hex api

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    Quote Originally Posted by Requiem12 View Post
    Thanks for such a detailed answer and the Guid lookup tool! Thank you for the artwork also. This is really helpful.
    No worries. It's useful to me and trivial to let others make use of it, so I'm happy to do so.

    Quote Originally Posted by Requiem12 View Post
    A follow up question: is there a way to get name of a set that is mapped to a specific card? I saw that there is a SetId property in the gamedata file so I was wondering about that.
    Quote Originally Posted by Fred View Post
    The mapping from SetId to name can be found lower in the gamedata, in the CardSetTemplate category. You don't get the actual set name but rather an internal code name (such as "Set03_PvP" instead of "Armies of Myth"), but then it's pretty easy to convert from code name to pretty name afterwards.
    Pretty much this. I have a lookup table I use for my search engine ( that does the UUID to set mapping which can be referenced if you like. I don't have a service, per se, that lets you do that UUID conversion since it's so few entries. If you want the official source, check out CardSetTemplate, but as Fred says, you'll likely be doing a conversion to a user friendly name anyway.

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    Any API changes in 04/07/16 patch? for example the live coding ones from the API stream?

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    Chris said in twitch chat that the new API stuff went it.

    But now it doesnt seem to work at all. I didnt receive any API message until now and i just log them 1:1. Sadly Chris was already gone.

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    The API does not currently work and should be corrected in the next patch
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    Hey all,

    There's a bug with the PlayerUpdated messages in the current client that prevents games from working if you use the API and send all messages. If you're using it, I suggest you change in api.ini and instead of sending all to a site, send

    <ADDRESS>|Tournament|Inventory|Collection|Login|Lo gout|SaveDeck|DraftPack|DraftCardPicked

    Alternatively, you can just remark out a target if you wish by putting a # in front of it


    Sorry 'bout that; the order of some game events changed and that's causing the API to look for information the client doesn't have yet. We'll fix it ASAP.

    EDIT: I have no idea why it wants to put "Lo gout" instead of "Logout". There's no spaces there.

    Chris Woods
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    Need to put that in a more visible place

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    seems legit for me, i personaly use collection only since always and i dont have issues
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    The API contains new stuff
    • DraftPack/DraftPick now contains the TournamentId and individual Card IDs. So you can eliminate duplicate messages and resend messages after a client crash more reliable.
    • new message 'Tournament' contains basically all the information available on the tournament screen (game results).

    I would love to know what values can be in Style, Format and Status (in games). The above example was a Comp. Draft. So either Format 10 is Comp Draft. Maybe the Style contains the information, if it is swiss or not, but i doubt it.

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    Beside the PlayerUpdated I've noticed a few other issues with the api:

    - SaveDeck seems to not fire at all

    - GameStarted and GameEnded seems to fire very unreliably, for me they fire about 50% of the time.

    - Tournament does not fire for Gauntlets (might be by design, but would be nice to get your own performance)

    I ran wireshark to make sure it was not my server randomly dropping events.

    It would also be very nice if it was possible to track the following:

    GameStarted and GameEnded currently only list opponent champion, it would be very nice to get both the opponent champion, opponent in-game name, and the name of the deck you are currently playing (for constructed).
    It would also be very nice to get a match id of some sort, to group games together in BO3 matches.

    Events for coin toss and mulligan would also be very interesting, to track performance based on these.

    I hope this can make it to the game, I'm really excited for what could be possible with the api in terms of performance tracking

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    Quote Originally Posted by essif View Post
    - SaveDeck seems to not fire at all
    fires when you are the deck editor outside of any game, but not in tournaments. I would also love to have this for tournaments

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