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Thread: Hex api

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    I have set up everything and it worked out well the first time I logged in, my collection was successfully updated. Now however I've started getting the following error message and no longer able to open the site for hex browser

    SQL ERROR [ mysqli ]

    Too many connections

    An sql error occurred while fetching this page. Please contact an administrator if this problem persists.
    Never mind, just figured it out myself!
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    Quote Originally Posted by dbug View Post
    There is no download link for that. This is data that comes directly from the Hex client. So it's only data from tournaments people are playing and have the api configured to use different sites. You can configure the Hex client to send data to a third party tool/website. Check the first post and the whole thread if you want to learn more about the api.
    oh yeah, but what I'd want is a full list of results to make stats, not only results for myself or for specific players.

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    I am doing that on my site. But it can only track stats from people having registrated my site in the API. As far as i know there is no source for all drafts atm.

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    so yeah, that would be a huge improvement imo

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    Why TCG Browser did not changed the api instruction on its webpage? The api issue stucking the game seems not resolved yet.
    Need to be on the to do list before new players join the game and find out about tcgbrowser

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    I excpect a patch before steam release. And its very likely that the next patch solves that issue

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    I wanted to update the page but forgot about it when I had the time and now I'm out of town for a week. But probably will be fixed next patch so hopefully no problems for the new players.

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    I wan't to sync my decks and collection at

    This is my line:|Login|Lo gout|SaveDeck|DraftPack|DraftCardPicked

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