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Yea in a 1v1 game , card specific character can be quite weak .... Imagine as a Hawkman and not getting a single hero card !
That's why I don't always rely on buying or gaining the same card type, because you don't always win like that if you rely on that characters ability too much and yet there isn't much card type of that ability trigger in the line up. It happen to me many times and I learned my lesson. Kept relying on Black Canaries Villain card type ability and very little were in the line up, even when I bought many overtime, I still lost all due to relying of her ability. It's best to mix things up by buying or gaining different card types rather than relying on that characters ability 100% of the time. That character can still dominate with combos without the triggered ability of a certain card type, but being creative of what cards you buy wisely will get you dominating the game. So much into this game is my reason I love these DC building games, many strategies you can do and come up with.