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    King Gabriel attacked with a 3/7 Cerulean Mentalist, I double blocked with a 6/6 Dangerous Beast and a 3/3 Reactor Bot. He assigned the 3 damage to my Beast instead of my Bot.

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    Paladin of Naagaan was using his charge power, but it was not killing any of my troops. Seemed more like a bug than a misplay.

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    Wildroot Dancer played Oath of Valor with nothing to target (and before I played anything myself).

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    Eldritch Dreamer

    Knightmare vs Eldritch Dreamer.

    AI used its charge power on my Shield Trainer instead of its own Thunderbird!
    Throughout the rest of the game it always used its charge power on my troops, not its own.

    Later, when it had a Bird of Plenty in play, it would block with other creatures (which died) rather than blocking with the Bird of Plenty (which would survive an fill up its hand with cards).
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    Zodiac Shaman played Turbulence after I attacked with my War Bot Dropship allowing me to get two free War Bots.

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    War Bot paid 8 life to ready Droo's Colossal Walker when he only had 8 life remaining (and could have easily beaten me on the next turn without using the walker).

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