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Thread: Possible Issue?

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    Possible Issue?

    Joined tomorrow's VIP tournament at 3 am PST.

    I then decided if I can't wake up on time, I should just leave and join a later one.

    However, it appears that I didn't receive my VIP ticket and possibly my platinum (although to be sure, I don't know what I had beforehand, just that it didn't seem to add +200 back). It also appears that according to my tally that I am now 2xShards of Fate short. Oddly, I also believe I am 1xShattered Destiny short although that doesn't make sense.

    So, just letting the devs know. I have some extra non-ending VIP tickets yet, but I am definitely bummed about the packs (2 for sure I believe) and potentially the plat. Is there some way that someone could look into that?

    Thanks kindly,

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    Hey Taleisin, your best option is to submit a ticket to, include the tournament ID # 475-2 you were in queue for and details of what you think you may be missing. They should be able to sort it out for you. Hope this helps.

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    Thank you kindly Noble! I'll give it a shot!

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