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Thread: 2 minor bugs

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    2 minor bugs

    I started jesterday with the game and experienced 2 minor bugs so far...

    1st one is that when i play draft the first pack sometimes load so long (arround 2 min) that i cant target pick anything and just get a random card of the first pack. Thats kinda big cuz u miss a potential Moneypick + allso give a bomb (card that can decide games) to ure potential enemys..... Pack 2 and 3 load in normal time (arround 3 sek) and no problems there.

    2nd in one of my draft games i was bugged for some reason and where unable to play any cards from my hand. Was able to atk normaly and use my cards on baord so it was not one of that long laggs. I auto lost the game because of that bug still won the bo3 but still rlly annoying...

    so my question is there any work/fixes in sight for that bugs because basicly u need to pay money to draft and this bugs can screw ure whole drafting experience and make u waste money.

    just for example when that bug happens to u in a deciding game of competetive draft u are out without any wins and basicly wasted like 4€

    I would be happy if a gm or something like that responds and tell me if i can prevent that or refunds are possible (y i know its still beta but dont forget u put money on the line to play draft)

    in other terms the game is rlly great so far big thx to the team and community :P
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    what forum would be more appropriate than the official hex bug section forum ?
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    FYI orderx, you originally posted the thread in the "Beta Discussion" forum. Kami moved it from there to the Bug Report forum, which is the appropriate place.

    For both of the bugs you experienced, CZE does have a compensation policy for bugs that cost you a game or otherwise cause you to lose money that you spent. You can go to to create a support account and submit a ticket for compensation. They usually process tickets within 24 hours, except on weekends (you'll most likely get a response by end of day on Monday in that case).

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    ok thx will use it next time when i got that long load pack in draft :P kinda hard tho to compensate for that cuz who knows what cards where in that packs probablx really good money cards or just crap...

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    both bugs happened agai ntoday to me in one draft x.x
    did write a support ticket hope i get a fast answer

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    I would recommend you trying to do repair install. Also is your internet connection bad? Are you on wifi? Or your pc might be slow?

    As for the not being able to play from hand... did you had all you needed to play the card (threeshold and stuff)?

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    My internet connection is not bad, and to play hex u dont need good internet i evne can play it without any lags and problems with my surf stick (just btw).

    As for the not being able to play from hand.. y i had everything needed to play the card (iam not a retard or newbie ^^) the thing is i cant play anything not even shards i have on hand. Passing turn or trigger field abilities/atacking (all that still work) dont fix the problem i cnat play a card form my hand for the rest of the game for whatever reason...

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    Plus with the long load on initial first draft pick, I find that this delay can be reduced by going into the card manager screen before starting a draft, and let the card images/screen layout load into memory (as basically the draft screen is the same as the card manager).

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