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    Weird Emberspire bug on test realm

    I missed taking a picture because i wasn't recording and it happened to fast.

    I believe her board was empty, and i attacked with Gem Crazed socketed with can't block me, as well as a 2/2 Ridge Raider. I knock her down to 2 health, and she reveals and draws a card for no apparent reason. The card she drew was a Heroic Outlaw, didn't see the gems before it vanished into her hand. She never actually casts the card though. I think the game may have locked up, after that, but i dont recall for sure.
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    That's Heroic outlaw's equipment, it lets you draw him if you go under 5 health while he's the the top 5(?) cards of your deck.

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    That's correct, this is not a bug. You can see Heroic Outlaw's equipment for yourself in the card manager if you go to the equipment tab, use the filters to turn on "Show All Equipment," and then search for Heroic Outlaw.

    His equipment allows you to draw him into your hand if he's in the top 5 cards of your deck if you're at or below 5 health (a nice extension to his existing play for free ability!).

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