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Thread: Wind of Change: please pardon our dust

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    Wind of Change: please pardon our dust

    Hello, everyone.

    I wanted to take a few minutes to talk about what's going on with the bug forums. As I'm sure many of you have noticed by now, funktion and I both have new forum titles. Don't be confused - we are not CZE staff; we are volunteers. Phenteo has graciously given us the opportunity to help streamline the bug forums, and as part of that, we've been made moderators of the Hex Beta Bug Report forum and Hex Test Server Bug Report forum.

    We have some big plans to help clean things up and make the bug forums easier for you guys to use for reporting any issues you find in the game, and to make it easier for the devs to find new issues you've reported, or to respond to questions that need their input to answer.

    Obviously, big changes take some time to put together. We also don't want to mess with the existing threads in this forum yet, since a new big patch is coming up at some point (soon TM). It will be much easier for us to put the new changes into effect after that patch goes live rather than before. You'll probably notice us testing out some of the new changes over in the Test Server forums over the next several weeks.

    What Is Changing?
    • The Known Issues thread will be locked, and will be a moderated thread with only confirmed issues listed. You can always check this one place to see if CZE already knows about a bug you've found. We'll also be improving the layout of this thread to make finding card-specific, user interface, gameplay, and AI bugs easier.
    • If your issue is not listed in the Known Issues thread, please make a new thread to report it to us! We will personally investigate all reports made in this forum going forward.
    • Reports that we can verify will be marked as [Confirmed] in the thread title, and be added to the Known Issues list. Any duplicate reports of that issue will be either locked or merged with the original thread, so discussion can continue in one place as needed.
    • Reports that are not actually bugs will be flagged accordingly, and the threads locked to prevent clutter from building up.
    • Reports that we cannot verify ourselves, that require rules questions to be answered, or that are beyond our ability to reproduce will be flagged as [Pending] in the thread title. This will let the developers know at a glance that we need their help to investigate or explain an issue.
    • Once an item is confirmed to be fixed, it will be removed from the Known Issues list, and the original thread will be marked as [Resolved] and locked. The Known Issues thread should always be up to date.

    When Is It Changing?
    • These forum changes will go into effect when the Arena patch is released on the live servers.
    • No, we don't know when that will be, please don't ask.

    Obviously, this is all new to us, and it's also all a work in progress. Our job is to help make these forums better for you, and for the devs. If you have suggestions on things we (or anyone) can do to make improvements, please post and let us know!
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    Great news. The increased activity (specifically title editing and thread management) has been something frequent posters have wished had been done by forum moderators ages ago.

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    Yay bug man himself is a bug hinter Now!

    Gratz Guys. Also thanks for your time!
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    Good job guys glad you two have been tasked with this. I'm sure you will both do an excellent job at ordering and tracking, finding, confirming and explaining bugs and AI missplays
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    Sounds great!

    One suggestion: mark threads you are looking at as [New] and issues that have been added as [Open] (or [Known] or [Added] or similar). Might also be worth tagging [Duplicate]s.

    That way we know what threads you are working on right now and which have been added to the list (probably without resolution)
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    Thanks for the suggestions. We probably don't want to spend TOO much time editing the threads, versus actually testing/confirming things. It's already taking longer than I would personally like to update threads on the test server bug forum, we probably won't add additional steps that get edited multiple times just to indicate we're looking at a specific issue. We can drop a quick message in the thread to inform someone we're investigating it without editing the thread or adding it to a list.

    Duplicates I already covered: they will either be merged with the existing thread, or just locked if there is no new information contained in the duplicate report. The ultimate goal is that the only open threads in the bug forums will be for issues that are actively being worked on or looked at - things that are already fixed or things that are not bugs shouldn't have distracting conversation in them, we want these forums to be a clear and concise list of issues for both the players and the developers to review (and comment on if necessary).

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    Well done!
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    Aye as oss mentioned this can be pretty time consuming our goal here is to make it as streamlined as possible so that it is easy for us to maintain a comprehensive list for the community. It does require people to be diligent in reporting bugs that they come across.

    In that regards I'd like to make a personal request that folks use the bug reporting template and provide any information which might be relevant so that it is easier for us to wade through it all.
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