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    I didn't get to deck creation
    I was eventually brought into a match where the 5 minute timeout timer ran out
    I then got disconnected
    I was able to log back in, but clicking the tournament icon does not bring me into the tournament

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    Interestingly enough, I got back in just in time for the second round. Now I've got a 190 card deck with Nin the Shadow, facing a 190 card deck with Lady Elizabeth. And my opponent hasn't chosen starting player 5 minutes in, but doesn't have an activity I guess I'm in it for a 30 minute duration.

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    They just sent a message on the main client that said the tournament is over, for anyone that's still in limbo.

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    I was also put into round 2 with a 190 card deck, though I was matched up with a 40 card deck. I conceded the first game and got a message that the test tourney was concluded

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    Boo. First, my client decided it wasn't going to connect (I thought it was the server, but restarting the client worked). It's not offering me the opportunity to get back in.

    Another bust for me, I guess.

    Edit: Hah! I should read! There was nothing to come back to.
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