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Thread: Palamedes skill doesn't apply to Grave Nibbler

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    Palamedes skill doesn't apply to Grave Nibbler

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    Grave Nibbler (buffed to 4/4 already via tunneling) does not get the buff from the skill of champion Palamedes. I have attempted it twice on the same game. Initially I thought it might have just been some delay in graphical update. However on using Palamedes skill a second time on the Nibbler. It failed to apply again.

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    Apply Palamedes skill to Grave Nibbler.

    Tried it twice, and both times failed to apply.

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    Thank you for the report. This is already listed in the Known Issues thread - Grave Nibbler's stats cannot be changed if his ability is activated while he's tunneled. Please be sure to check the Known Issues thread before making a new bug report.

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    Grave Nibblers become 4/4 modifier continually updates and overides additional modifications - [IN PROCESS]
    Locking this thread as the item has already been discussed at length.

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