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Thread: [Confirmed] Vampire King triggers resolving incorrectly

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    [Confirmed] Vampire King triggers resolving incorrectly

    Your Display Name: Funktion

    Bug Description: If multiple Vampire Kings connect with your opponent it is possible for them to both reveal the same troop.
    Steps to Reproduce: [v0.9.6.026]

    1. Play two vampire kings
    2a. Attack with both vampire kings (they must wind up doing damage to opponent)
    2b. Opponent must have at least 2 cards in hand to fully verify bug and at least one of them must be a troop
    3. Both triggers go on the chain and resolve
    4. There is a decent likelihood that you will observe the second trigger revealing a vampire which is in play on your side rather than in your opponent's hand.

    Frequency: 100% of the time (though dependent on what opponent has in their hand some of the time)

    Additional Information:
    It seems like Vampire King's ability is randomly choosing a card when it goes onto the chain rather than when it resolves.
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    FYI this is still bugged as of the Armies of Myth patch. Resubmitting to devs for review.

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