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Thread: Tower Hulk losses all atk/def pts upon death

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    Tower Hulk losses all atk/def pts upon death

    So my opponent managed to get a 19/19 tower hulk, which I managed to kill via blocking his offensive attack with lethal+swiftstrike damage. Upon hitting the graveyard the tower hulk turns to a 0/0 with 19 counters on it. Thereafter, his Heavy Wielding Bot attempts to pick the hulk from graveyard (reduced cost to 1) and instantly goes back to graveyard as it hits the board.

    Clearly losing, I attempt to pick the the hulk with a Call the Grave to verify. Playing it to the board sent it straight to my graveyard.

    Bug or intended?

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    This is a known issue. It's already on the list to be fixed.

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