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Thread: Known Issues Thread for OSX/Mac client

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    Known Issues Thread for OSX/Mac client

    Reserved for Mac-specific known issues.

    If you get an error saying something like "Hex cannot be run because the developer cannot be identified," here is a workaround you can use to fix the problem:

    1. Open up a Terminal prompt (search "Terminal" in Spotlight)
    2. Copy and paste: sudo chmod 755 /Applications/

    Also if that doesn't work, a user offered another suggestion to fix the same problem:

    Quote Originally Posted by brelse View Post
    That message sounds more like there is a code signing issue with the app.

    You can add a security exception by opening the 'Security and Privacy' System Preference pane after trying to launch Hex. looks to give a reasonable summary of the process.

    Once you add an exception it should remember and not ask again - which is probably why none of us old players can remember encountering this.

    Colin's chmod advice is for a slightly different issue that happens whenever a new patch is pushed out - so you should remember it as it good advice and everybody eventually runs into it.

    Technical aside:
    On 10.10.2, it looks like it is not happy with the code signing (only a version 1 signature rather than the current version 2?):

    $ spctl --assess -v /Applications/
    /Applications/ rejected
    source=obsolete resource envelope

    ...thankfully that is the extent of my knowledge about Apple codesigning - I strongly suspect it is a topic to which the saying 'ignorance is bliss' applies to.
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