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Thread: [Resolved] Some AI champions locking up

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    [Resolved] Some AI champions locking up

    On Moon'Ariu Sensei's 3rd turn he tunneled two cards then froze never passing First Main Phase.

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    Arena bug (Xarlox)

    Xarlox Broodlord, I have Shrine of Prosperity in play. An egg comes up with cost of -1, goes into play on Xarlox' side, then I for some reason draw an extra card and the game hangs in my draw step. Disconnecting and reconnecting does not help. Did it twice, second time with a "repair install". Neither time got the game going again. Had to concede.

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    Can confirm this, the same thing has happened to me against the same champion except that Sensei never made a move.

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    Just ran into this myself. I'd stopped and saved right before fighting him. Loaded the game back up, went into the match, took my turn, he played a resource and it's been stuck for over 10 minutes now.

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    Worked for me just now no problems at all. None of his guys ever had the chance to untunnel, but he had five underground by the end.

    Might need more info to reproduce or I just happened to get lucky.
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    same issue for me. Stuck at main phase.

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    happened again

    I'm undefeated and he's 2nd from last boss.

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    happened to me multiple times as well

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    Mentor of The Grave stuck on declaring attackers

    I don't know what caused it or if its specific to this one encounter , here is a shot of the board state

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