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Thread: [Pending] Hero of Adamanth gaining life unexpectedly

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    I reported this back on the Arena Test server forum with a screenshot. I also had someone mention it in a Hex thread on another forum recently.

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    Hero of Adamanth Gaining ridiculous amounts of health instead of taking damage

    So, I'm not sure exactly how it happened but I noticed it right after I used a burn to get rid of his Scrivener. I then cast a direct damage spell on the champion and his health shot up to 210. The next turn I tried another one just to see what would happen (burn to the ground with x=4) and it jumped up to like 450. Needless to say, this made the encounter rather unwinnable.

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    There's already a post about this on the main page...

    Merging with existing thread.

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    Bug where AI gained huge amounts of life

    Display name: Knightmare

    I was playing vs Hero of Adamanth, I dealt enough damage that he should have been knocked down to 1 health, but instead he jumped up to 120. I restarted the client to see if it was a visual bug, but the life jumped up again when I hit him again.

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    PS it was during tier 2, after I had played through tier 1 (which I don't usually do). It's the 1st time I've experienced the bug, but I've seen a previous forum post about it. I didn't follow it at the time though, and I can't find it now.

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    Arena Opponent Gaining Life on Taking Damage

    Bug: Damage dealt to Hero of Adamanth causes him to gain obscene amounts of life. He gains more life than usual from Adamanthian Scrivener as well.


    Order of events:

    Picture 1 in album
    I swung in with two Totems and a Scrivener, unblocked. Buffed a Totem with +1/+1 twice (both equipment for Totem equipped).

    Scrivener (3/3)
    Totem 1 (8/8, Dimmid's lifedrain)
    Totem 2 (6/6)

    None, Senator was exhausted

    Suddenly Hero of Adamanth is up to 131 life from 15.

    Picture 2 in album
    I swing in the next turn, buffing a Totem with steadfast and dropping a Protectorate Defender.
    Same thing happens, now the enemy is at 463 life.

    Picture 3 in album
    He drops a Scrivener and is up to 714 health.

    Picture 4 in album
    I swing with Totem 2 and the Defender to see if the bug is focused on a single troop, enemy is now at 1000 health.

    Picture 5 in album
    I swing with just a Scrivener (buffed by Totems). Enemy is still gaining health.

    Picture 6 in album
    His graveyard consisted of a Cerulean Mentalist, a Noble Citizenry (that had been bounced by his ability once, targeting nothing each time and was affected by my Inner Conflict + equip), a Wizard of the Silver Talon, and a single Silver Talon Senator.
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    I can confirm this bug.

    Each time instead of taking damage the Hero of Adamanth is gaining like 300+ HP.

    I also did a couple of screenshots and I think what happens is pretty obvious but let me know if you need additional info on this.

    Before combat:

    After I blocked with Paladin of the Necropolis:

    Before using Ivory pawn:

    Pre-combat (I used Ivory pawn):

    Assign block :

    After I attacked with Paladin of the Necropolis (died):

    After I used my hero ability:

    After Life Siphon:

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    I just received word from the devs that they are investigating this issue in more detail to determine the cause.

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    - Shakespeare, All's Well That Ends Well

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