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Thread: [Pending] Hero of Adamanth gaining life unexpectedly

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    I just want to point out that the captain of the dragon guard put a card with 2 counters on top of his deck, and you can still see the 2 counters while the card is upside down.
    That seems like a bug as well.

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    I saw this happen once with that guy too. Totally random, I hit him and he gained like 600 life. I hit him again next turn and he had like 5000 or so.

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    It's a known bug with Hero of Adamanth. Hopefully the Set 3 patch will have squished it!

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    Moved to more appropriate forum

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    This is a known issue. Merging with existing thread.

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    Hero of Adamanth Arena Encounter went to 4703 health

    Hi erveryone,
    i played Frost Arena and got the Hero of Adamanth Encounter. He went from 9 health to 4703.
    I tried to understand how he did this but i couldn't find the answer. If someone wants to see a video and can answer me what was going on i would be really happy. Look at 11:30. That's where the magic begins .
    I think he gets the health from the Dream Bear he had in his Solitary Exile.
    Perhaps the Dream Bear had come back to the heros passiv ability was voided and came back was voided and so on.
    Can be deleted problem is known blame on me.
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    Yeah, if a mod wants to merge it with the current bug report on this issue:

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    Frost ring arena hero of adamanth infinite life

    Had to concede a game vs the hero of adamanth because any time I or him did anything, ie: play a card, pass priority, attack, he gained life. I couldn't figure out how this happened. I just had to leave because he had a highlands magus with so many abilities and I had no way to see what all it did, the text was minuscule. He had over 6000 life by the time I left.

    During this game he did get a free mastery of time of hograth when it was my turn, and after this he just bugged out and got infinity life.
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    The key part is not letting his trait spawn any Senators of the Silver Talon (the owls).

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