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    Hello everyone!

    I went for

    Mass Hysteria = $125
    Impossible Ghost Bundle = $15
    Taxi Driver = $10
    Spectral Ghostbusters = $12
    Shipping (UK) = $45

    Total $207

    I toyed with an extra set of Shandor and Library tiles but change my mind at the last minute.

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    Hello all,

    So I spent a bit.
    -2 Mass Hysteria
    -2 Taxi Drivers
    -1 IM Galloping Ghouls
    -1 IM Gruesome Twosomes
    -1 IM Boogaloos
    -1 IM Bundle
    -1 Spectral Ghostbusters
    -2 IM Slimer & Idulnas

    Total $379

    I wanted an extra set of all the tiles including the Sedgewick. I had originally planned on buying the above plus extra tiles and minus the IM bundle. I was then going to take the extra Sedgewick and Flushes & sell off the rest of the second game. In the end tho I just decided to completely cannibalize the second game for tiles and ghosts. I will probably still sell off a few of the extra bosses if my kids will let me.

    Luckily, I recently had sold off a rather large Lego set. It was the only way I could afford it. I still can't believe I spent that much.

    EDIT: D'oh. I read the post below and I forgot about the IM bosses. I added them in, total was correct tho.
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    Hi All,

    I also spent a bit more than intended

    MH 125
    Taxi 10
    Std ghost bundle 15
    Imposs ghost bundle 15
    galloping ghouls 15
    Imposs galloping ghouls 15
    Gruesome twosomes 15
    Imposs gruesome twosome 15
    Imposs Boogaloos 12
    Imposs Slimer and Idulnas 12
    Extra Tiles 12
    Spectral GBs 12 45 shipping,

    318 total, I wanted the extra ghosts and all the impossible versions.... it really did add up, but im happy with it all.

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    Ugh, the exchange rate was terrible the day they collected.

    I got the MH Package, and added the Spectral Ghostbusters.


    $125 + $12 + $30 (Canadian Shipping)
    Total: $167 US / $220 Canadian

    Not sure how VISA ran the exchange, but the current rate is .79, which means it should have been roughly $200.
    Not going to be that annoyed over $20, but still.

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    I finally just got paid for a couple of paintings I did so I got a couple hundred bucks right before the campaign ended, so that was lucky and made it easier to justify spending what I would have spent anyways because this campaign looked so great..
    I'm going with the MH pledge, along with the IM Slimer/Idulnas, IM Bundle, Spectral GB and Taxi Ghosts- so including shipping for $190USD - I'm not a completionist usually, so I think I got a lot of replay value in what I ended up with.

    Can't wait to play the game! I did some test rounds using Zombies!!! tiles/ minis, LEGO GB figures, and various tokens from the X-wing game- I think the real game looks fantastic I know my friends will enjoy it.

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    If I remember correctly..

    -1 EB Mass Hysteria
    -1 Paranormal
    -2 Taxi Drivers
    -1 IM Galloping Ghouls
    -1 IM Gruesome Twosomes
    -1 IM Boogaloos
    -1 IM Bundle
    -1 IM Slimer & Idulnas
    -1 Cathulu Spawn
    -1 Spectral Ghostbusters
    -1 New GB Primer set
    -1 Library Tile set
    -1 Shandor Tile set

    I kept talking myself into getting more and more until the funding ended. Just couldn't get myself to back an extra $45 for MH just for the extra tiles.

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    Jeff, I went for the Early Bird - Additional MH Game and the box of everything. Somethings are going to get painted so I am going to need spares...

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    Damn! I missed this! Guess I need to wait until it's officially released. :-(

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    Well I got the Mass Hysteria with taxis and Spectral, with uk shipping came to just under 130 I couldn't really afford anymore.
    I can always be tend I have IM ghosts

    As I have no friends and nobody to play games with I liked the idea this can be played as a single player controlling all the busters, ok I use to play games like that as a kid but as you're not competing with each other is much more acceptable to play on your own. Plus other real players might not do what you want them to :P

    Where does 'Idulnas' come from, I can't recall seeing him in the cartoons or toy line, I'm guessing he came from the comic books?

    I also thought it was a bit excessive having both boogaloo manifestations and giant boogaloo, maybe a bit repetitive??
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    I purchased one of everything except for boss packs. I wasn't thrills with zombie taxi drivers. So I only got one set. I kind of wish I would have bought more just cause now they seem very sought after. I wanted enough ghost so if a scenario needs me to use 17 class one ghost I had enough. I just picked that number I can't remember how many I will be owning.

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