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    with the way the aussie dollar is against the US, i could only back at MH level, would have LOVED to have gotten a lot more, but seeing as shipping itself was $60 to australia, not really possible, thats almost another paranormal pledge in itself

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    I got MH
    Spectral GB
    IM bundle
    IM boss Bundle
    Shipping UK

    This is way more than I have ever paid for a tabletop game but how can you say no to the ghostbusters.

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    I went for the Mass Hysteria package & added:

    Spectral Ghostbusters - $12
    Impossible Mode Ghost Bundle - $15
    Impossible Mode Slimer & Idulnas - $12
    Zombie Cabbie - $10
    Shipping for Canada = $30
    Total in for $204 US.

    The most I've spent on a board game? nope, Hell I've got more spend on just different copies of Risk. But easily the most spent at a single time for one game.

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    I went with the Mass Hysteria package. I then added:

    10 GG, 10 GT, Standard Ghost Bundle, 5 Taxi Drivers, Spectral Ghostbusters, IM Slimer/Idulnas, 10 IM GG, 10 IM GT, 4 IM BM, IM Ghost Bundle.

    I then realized I had over-pledged by about $23 so I decided to get the Primed Ghostbusters (both sets).

    It's not the most I've spent on a game (that would be Warhammer), but it is the most I've spent on a board game.

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