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Thread: [Arena Deck] Blood/Sapphire Tempo

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    [Arena Deck] Blood/Sapphire Tempo

    Hey all, been having a blast with Arena, especially some of the new PvE cards, and I decided to throw a deck together to make use of my two favorite new arena cards. Now hear me out, this thing looks like I took a bunch of cards, threw them into a deck, and called it a day, but it's actually fairly fast, resilient, and most importantly, disruptive. On top of that, because the AI prefers to be aggressive with its plays, tempo cards like Buccaneer and Time Ripple creature situations where you can just straight up win the game.

    Decklist (Hex Deck Builder)
    Backup (Imgur)

    Youtube video with deck tech commentary and gameplay

    Let me know if you have any questions!

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    That looks like fun. Although I'm not sure what the reasoning is to include 2x Shards of Fate as opposed to just another Sapphire/Blood shard?

    Additionally, your YouTube video is very low volume. I can barely hear you and that's with my volume at 100% on the system end. I can only make you out by jacking up the volume on my headphones or speakers analog control.

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    Sorry, for some reason it was super loud on my end in editing. The two extra shards of fate is a result of the double blood, double sapphire threshold on both Burrower and Thunderbird. Using a single shard in those slots reduced the consistency too much and made a lot of opening hands really awkward. And the lack of charge doesn't seem noticeable in most games.

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    Fair enough.

    I'll give it a try later. Need a break from grinding Arena for days now, heh.

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