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Thread: Small UI Improvement suggestion for AH and Mail

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    Lightbulb Small UI Improvement suggestion for AH and Mail


    as someone who uses the AH and mail quite a bit, I do have a few suggestions to make to improve usability.

    1) There is a bug with the field, especially the big one, where it sometimes won't let you edit text on the correct row. It also sometimes edits text in a complete different field (resulting me sending cards to "hello"... sadface)
    2) A "return mail" would be awesome. I want to be able to return the whole mail to sender, including all attachments.
    3) It would be nice that unread mails would be returned to the sender automatically after 30 or more days. Partially because the account might not exist anymore. When sending out prizes to people who are not playing anymore, those items will never be claimed.
    4) The filter of the mail is different than the filter of the card manager. I'd like the same options in both

    Auction House
    1) Split Buyout and Bid into two separate columns that can be sorted individually.
    2) After listing an item, if I want to list the same item, it would be nice if the UI remembered the previous entered price rather than clearing the values.
    3) If I switch back and forth between buy and sell tab, it would be nice if the UI would not clear the values of both. Sometimes I want to list an item and then quickly see what people are buying it for. If I go back I have to reselect the item, since everything is cleared.

    These are just a few small things I can think off that would be nice and improve the friendliness of those things. I am aware that other parts have priority, but if for some reason you guys touch the code anyway, would be nice to take the points into consideration.


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    All good suggestions, especially AH1 and AH2.

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    I would also like to add the UI suggestions for the auction house. I currently am looking for what are cheap sales in the AH for cards I don't have in preparation for PvE launch, but I'm noticing I'm having to scroll through over 30 pages of "Reality Rift". It would be great if you could:
    1) Some how group all 200 listings of Reality Rift that are all costing the same bid 30/buyout 31.
    2) Put in a check box that says "show lowest bid" which will filter all results to show only one instance of a card that has the lowest bid.
    3) Put in a second check box for "show lowest buyout".

    Some combination of those would make the AH so much easier to use.

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