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Thread: First impression on the game atm.

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    First impression on the game atm.

    i was on kickstarter never played since yesterday was waiting PVE and the stats of the game is not good for a open beta !

    I play with French version of the game

    - Some line is not translate

    - in HV/market : you have to type some item in english because this not work in french, and since you not know how its translated impossible to find them unless you do page 1 to 300+ manually just wow... maybe make every client see any language with a clic or clic + some other key

    - Me and friend have do tutorial with free start game where you get few card.... both after 2 hours we could not beat the 3/5 dwarf deck(? the one who pump out so many artefact) with the starting deck, harsh for new players, him said : look like a pay to play.

    So i got open all my pack from kickstarter done a deck and beat all these starting deck and jump in PVE !

    have done various game and after 4h of playing :

    - Boss freeze and can't even finish turn 1...
    - Boss take infinity time to think when there is 20+ card on game and sure you loss at end after 1hours wait.....
    - Boss ask me to put 2 guy defense against my guy, i can't ever clic on confirm........
    - Lag bewtwen action up to 5-6 sec when its on 9pm+ here in europe...........

    FU.. PVE !

    Todays i looked into card manager, nice manager but if i can ask, would be cool if i click on any card, there is the info if i have any equipement for this game aviable, and not hopless looking every name on every equipement to see if something match !

    I have too try use my ticket for the draft.... 30min later.... whatever.. look like so few ppl playing at day time for europe, maybe make we can play pve (when fixed) while waiting for draft, and can save pve right when draft save even if in middle of a game.

    The game have come more than 1 years later, without pve at first and atm its just horride as first impression

    I really hope it's because last patch brocken a lot of thing right ?

    P.S. sorry for my english and for ranting but after a too long wait, my hope have fall hard.

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    Yes, everything won't be perfect 6 days into a major patch. Arena was a little rushed out the door. Freezes are currently fixed by ALT+F4ing and reconnecting. Takes 2 minutes. You are allowed 15 minutes to reconnect in Arena.

    Draft is also currently less active because the people who enjoy draft are playing PVE instead, as it is new.

    PVE while waiting for tournaments is planned, but currently you can make a 2nd account, trade some cards to that account with mail and play there while you wait. It's the same thing. Anyone with Kickstarter is allowed accounts = to the number of time kickstartered +1, until the solution is implemented.
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    The game is still in beta version.I started about 6 months ago, but I think the progress it made is still impressive. There game is far from complete, and sure, it have faults, but the servers are stable and you have access to different gameplays, or you can manipulate the AH.. (not to mention free to play tournaments)
    Anyway you can alvays disagree, but i see, the game improves week by week.
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    The arena experience has been very smooth and enjoyable for me. I'm shocked to read such a negative review.

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    I wonder if its just coincidence or something else going on with the server, but I was playing pve almost non-stop for several days in a row with out any major issues, then last night things suddenly became nigh unplayable with multiple lock ups and opponents taking progressively longer take declare their attacks until finally the cpu actually timed itself out for taking too long which is the point at which I called it a night. Just woke up so haven't played again to see if the game is still in such a state, but its absolutely worth noting that I logged hours upon hours of issue free pve before all this happened, so either I was just lucky before, or what you experienced is not normal behavior and their going through sort of server issues at the moment.

    Regardless of the reason though, sorry to hear you had such a negative first impression. I assure you, when things are working well the game is a blast so I do hope you will allow Hex team to fix whatever is going on and give the game another chance once they do.

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    Hi, and welcome to Hex, just so you know, I am also french so you can speak with me in private using that language if you prefer.

    Now onto some of your concerns :

    First, the starter trials. Honestly, this is the first time I've heard about people having problems with the level of difficulty it provides. I'm pretty sure it was designed so that you can beat it only with the cards of the starter deck and the cards you win when playing the trials. If most people find it too hard for a starter deck, it is likely they will make it easier.

    Second, the bugs. Like most people, I didn't encounter any major bugs while playing in the arena. Apparenly they might have been a problem recently since Dan also said he had some. But that was the first time it happened since Arena launch so that is just really bad luck.

    Third, Equipment in card manager. You can view the piece of equipment a card can have. In the filter, you can click on 'All items' to view the item you do not have. Then , if you click on a card in your deck, you will be able to see its equipment.

    Fourth, Draft. Yes, right now people are mostly in arena so you will have to wait more for a draft to fire. But they should launch a marketing campaign in the near future so with more players, it should become faster. There are also plans to be able to play pve while waiting for tournaments/between rounds.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Naldek View Post
    Hi, and welcome to Hex, just so you know, I am also french so you can speak with me in private using that language if you prefer (partial)
    I think it also puts you in the custom channel for your language if you're having trouble translating, I can see how it must be frustrating to have to type in english into the AH.

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