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Thread: 3/21/15 Open Nulzann

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    3/21/15 Open Nulzann

    Open: Nulzann will take place on Saturday March 21st, 2015 at 11am EST (with top 8 matches directly following the swiss rounds). The format will be current constructed (set 1 & 2 legal) and there will be an entry fee of 500 plat. To enter you must send your 500 plat to OfficialHextechs in-game (remember this entry fee makes up the prize pool) and submit your decklist through this link: Deck List Registration. You will receive confirmation from us that we received your entry and that you are cleared to enter into the tournament. Signups are now open at: Signup Page . Anyone who has not sent in their entry fee but has signed up will be dropped 30 minutes before the event begins. We will be live ( about 2 hours before the event to take any questions and help with any difficulties.


    Open Series:

    Format: Current Constructed

    Entry: 500 Plat

    1st Place:20 Open Points 10,000 Platinum
    2nd Place:15 Open Points 5,000 Platinum
    3rd-4th Place:12 Open Points 2,500 Platinum (each)
    5th-8th Place:8 Open Points 1,250 Platinum (each)
    9th-16th Place:4 Open Points 500 Platinum (each)
    17th-32nd Place:2 Open Points
    Participation:1 Open Point
    Keep in mind these prizes can and will be raised if we get a good turn out. These are just the base line prizes.

    Along with your entry into the tournament, you will also be entered into various Door Prize raffles throughout the tournament.

    Rules and Regulations:

    1. No shows will be dropped after round 1

    2. Decklists:

    Deck lists must be submitted via this link Deck List Registration. At least 30 mins before the event starts.

    3. Reserves:

    Two minutes have been allocated for reserves between games. This is done out of trust and respect so please try your best to take no more than two minutes. (Gems can be changed during this time however champions can not)

    4. Rulings:

    You can ask for a deck check if you believe there is something suspicious in your opponents deck or reserves. Each player is allowed two challenges, so use them wisely (if you are right the challenge will be refunded).

    If you are playing with a card in your main deck that is supposed to be in the reserves during game one it will result in a game loss, if you are found to be playing with a card not in your submitted 75 then it will result in an immediate drop and loss of any prizes you would have otherwise gained.

    Judge rulings are final!

    5. 60 minutes will be given for you to complete your round

    6. Feature matches:

    If you are streaming it will be taken as consent for us to feature your game on our stream as a feature match unless you tell us otherwise.

    7. In-Game Bugs:

    If you experience a bug that stops the match from proceeding first talk to your opponent about what they want to do about it (screen shots help) if nothing can be resolved from the two of you then a judge will step in and make a calling on it.

    8. Top 8:

    Top 8 will be done the same day as the open (If this time doesn’t work for any of the top 8 competitors we can work out a time that agrees with everyone.)

    9. End of Time procedure:

    When time in round is called on the stream at that point you have 5 turns to determine a winner (When time is called, the active player’s turn is considered turn 0), If a winner can not be determined then it becomes a draw and we move on with the tournament.

    10. Refund policy:

    Refunds WILL NOT be given out on an individual level. This is because it would be too easy for someone who is not doing well to claim a bug and demand their money back, ultimately hurting the prize pool for the rest of you. Only if the tournament is unplayable for whatever reason (server issue etc.) then we will refund EVERYONE and reschedule the event.

    Banned Cards:

    AA Cerulean Mirror Knight – the alternate at mirror knight inspires from the graveyard. Please only use the regular one
    Incantation of Fury – currently gains charges in hand
    Exploitative Behavior:

    Highlands Shinobi – Using something that simultaneously gives you a charge and removes your opponent’s last troop will lock up the game. If you do this, you will receive a game loss.
    Cards with Known Issues

    Chaos Key – Chaos Key’s effect currently cannot be responded to.
    Swiftstrike (unconfirmed) – This may still cause you to skip your second main phase. If this happens, we will not call for a restart.
    Reese the Crustcrawler – Reese can spawn both PVE troops and 0/0 troops.
    Spellshield Inspired Troops – Filk Ape is currently not reverting these inspire triggers.
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    "AA Cerulean Mirror Knight – the alternate at mirror knight inspires from the graveyard. Please only use the regular one"

    Did not know that. No wonder he is so expensive../snicker.
    The art work for opening the chest is very nice.

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    So does that mean that we are not going to be able to use any troops that inspire for spellshield? Ie. Azurefate and or Cerulean Mirror Magi.

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    Those have been fixed so no issue there
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    Thank cze for fixing the cards
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    On The banned list has been updated to reflect the recent patch. Keep this in mind when submitting your lists
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    Top 8 decklist?

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    Thanks seraph. We will be putting the lists up at later today
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