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    I really hope not, my chances for backing will be slim. I would say that coming so soon after TMNT would be detrimental to the success of the campaign :/

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    Quote Originally Posted by MattMurdock View Post
    I really hope not, my chances for backing will be slim. I would say that coming so soon after TMNT would be detrimental to the success of the campaign :/
    The hard thing about planning campaigns is we don't know what other people are planning until it is announced. The amount of planning and work that goes into a campaign before it launches is a lot and it's hard to change course once you've started.
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    I can't confirm or deny your denial. : P

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    Quote Originally Posted by sara.miguel View Post
    I cannot confirm or deny a second campaign within the next 3 months.
    O_O Okay, I need to start setting money aside RIGHT NOW. This is military speak for, "I know what's coming, but I can't say anything about it either way." Therefore, I'm going to assume that a new campaign is on the way in the near future. A campaign that I will definitely be supporting.

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    Everyone who has made or is interested in making a custom scenario for this game should head to the Facebook group and submit something for the scenario contest! Deadline is Wednesday night! All the rules are on the pinned post. Only 4 scenarios have been entered so far, and with prizes being handed out for the top three, newcomers would still have a pretty good chance of winning something.

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    The contest is now over. There were a total of 5 entries. Due to this, all 5 entries were chosen as winners.

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    Hey guys! When the first game came out the Sedwick hotel and the Shandor roof top tiles weren't included in the retail set. Consequently the team weren't able to make missions that incorporates those tiles with Stay Puft and Slimer because the retail version didn't have them. Now that the Luis Tully expansion gave us the Firehouse and a whole new set of map tiles; I thought it might be good to do missions that re-enact iconic scenes from the movies.

    So I've made the scenario to represent the first bust of Slimer at the Sedwick Hotel. While not strictly a blow for blow recreation of the scene in the movie, my goal is to recreate the essence of those moments. It's designed it to be a one off Slimer mission or the first mission in your campaign.

    All the Elements are from the GB1 Kickstarter Deluxe Edition and the GB2 Kickstarter Deluxe Edition. I've popped it on to the GB community google drive:

    I might do more of these down the line but for now here just this one. I've tested it a few times and with three different groups and all seemed to enjoy it so, I hope you guys do too!

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