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    I don't think getting contained should end the game, maybe if ALL busters do.

    And we never got to see the People Busters in OUR reality, so who knows how they would change.

    Maybe their slime blowers are negative energy?

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    Hey Busters,

    For those of you using Impossible Mode Ghosts in your custom scenarios, we have some notes.

    The more we play with Impossible Mode Ghosts, the closer we get to destruction, but man is it fun! We're having a great time playing the 10 Galloping Ghoul Add-On pack scenario with 10 Impossible Mode versions mixed in and have landed on a better way to distribute them. Previously, we stated on the KS page that IM versions get +3 to a roll off, but that felt lopsided when we loaded maps.

    So, we changed it to "When using an Impossible Mode version of a Ghost as a replacement, roll the two Ghosts off, but Impossible Mode versions win ties."

    On top of that, they mostly ended up wherever we started laying Ghosts on the map, so we devised a method of even distribution. We started with the top left hand map tile, rolled off the first Ghost and placed the winner. We then repeated this with the next tile and worked around in a clockwise fashion. It took longer to setup, but by the time we finished, it was nice and even with random clumping in certain spots.


    -Mataio Wilson

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    I don't even know how to play the game.

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    Mataio that sounds like a really good way to distribute the impossibles more evenly throughout the map. Maybe a bit of a time saver, what if you just rolled once during the placement and said 1-3= Standard 4-6= IM? Then you don't have to roll twice for every ghost you put down.

    Can't wait to try it out for myself, I'm jealous you guys get to play it already, but I guess you did make the darn thing so it's ok...

    Keep up the good work!

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    Although I realized my method above doesn't give IM ghost that extra edge on placement since there is no tie-breaker involved. I'm sure you guys have tried a lot of options to try and make it more even.

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    Well regarding IM I just hope it doesn't attempt to make things too complicated.
    I like the idea of just doing it with a single dice roll, keeping quick and simple.

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    Thanks for the update Mataio, that sounds good. I'm curious what did you do about IM ghosts coming from the spirit world? If there is one of each type in the spirit world, which version would come back into play first?

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    I'm working on updating my PKE Ghost hunt Scenario which I hope to add to the already excellent suggestions in this thread but I'd thought I'd share my house rule in the meantime:

    UPDATED 19.12.15 - Playing the actual game has highlighted a few oversights in my idea which I've fixed.

    "Throw 'em!” Combat Action

    This action allows you to call upon another ghostbuster who shares your line of sight on a ghost, to combat roll with you simultaneously on your turn. Any ghostbuster at any level can choose do this move on their turn and this move can also be used to close open gates. The move increases the chance of a hit with only the one punish if you both miss.

    To do this action costs:

    TWO Actions to call ONE Ghostbuster
    THREE Actions to call TWO Ghostbusters

    You can only call ghostbusters to help you who are not already engaged in combat with another target. They can be called if they are already attacking the same target and they will be able to add to the streams they have on the target. Only the ghostbuster whose turn it is can use their unique abilities (re-rolls etc) however, any unlocked group abilities still apply to all.

    If requirements are met to trap the ghost it is placed on the character card of the player who implemented the move even if their roll missed; likewise if all players miss, the consequences happen to that player not the players who were called in.

    The XP rules are the same, so whoever hits the ghost gets their share of the streams/XP as long as the line of sight isn’t broken. If the number of hits rolled exceeds the amount required to trap the ghost then the XP only goes to the player who initiated the move but if the players called in to help already had streams on the target, they will get the XP for their original streams.
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