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    There were like four or five, but I can also only really remember the one with the Boogieman! OH, and the one where the pack overheats and they throw it into the Hudson before it explodes.

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    I am going to upload the Otto Korrekt office adventure tonight!

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    new "Boogie in the Sandbox" scenario by me and my nephew, Luke!

    Boogie in the Sandbox

    Characters needed: Hero Slimer, at least 3 Ghostbusters, Ecto 1, Boogieman, Sandman, 3 Class ones, 2 Class 2's, 1 Class 3 ghosts. Players can start anywhere except the basement.

    Tiles: Benito's GB Firehouse tiles, Spirit World Tile.

    To win: Beat all the ghosts.

    How you lose: If Sandman puts all the Ghostbusters to sleep, or if Boogieman shuts down all the portals in the Spirit World.

    Scenario: There are 5 portals that open in the Firehouse. Portal one is on the Ecto-containment Unit in the basement, the other four are randomly placed on the first or second floors. Ecto 1 is parked on the first floor. The Ghostbusters try to close the active portals as the ghosts come in from the Spirit World. Hero Slimer can help by removing slime from Ghostbuster and charging ghosts and knocking them back. (Remember, Hero Slimer builds his Slime Pool from slime and food, allowing him to increase his speed and to hit accuracy.)

    Once all the portals (2-5) are closed, Portal one opens, sucking anything in the basement into the Spirit World. This is the second part of the Scenario. Set up all 5 portals, one in each corner, one in the center. Boogieman and Sandman are in the Spirit World with any left over ghosts. The Ghostbusters have to beat Sandman and Boogieman before Boogieman uses his gate closing power to trap the GB's and Hero Slimer in the Spirit World. Note: Use numbers for “open” portals for Boogieman in the Spirit World, not closed ones as he does in the real world. Ghostbusters can open closed portals the same way they close them in the real world, 4 to strike, 2 streams.

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    This is the "Death Derby" race featuring the Zombie Taxi Drivers. My 7 year old nephew inspired it. : )

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    Thanks for all these Brad. You've been putting in some work!

    "No Peter not an impression of a seal, the seal impression!"

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    Thanks!! I plan on using some of this with the real game, too!

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    Here is the map set for PPG Place in Pittsburgh. From the Obelisk to the walkway, there are around 100 tiles! I can't wait to see how big it is on a table! I got the (rough) scale from Google Maps and made my custom tiles.

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