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    Custom Scenarios

    Use this space to share your custom scenarios!

    Get other player feedback, share your scenarios, and all that jazz!

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    was thinking of something medieval since there was a scene with Ray in the movie where he is a prince.. and the whole ghost princess scene and in the cartoon series egon is a blood relative to a wizard who owned a dragon .. still thinking of a senario. Also was thinking of making some senarios from the comic book where they travel around the US.. one that needs to be done is the civil war fort

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    I like the idea of a reselection scenario with Idulnas inspired by the 1st volume of the comic- obviously the game isnt even out so who knows what you guys have up your sleeves, but it's fun to speculate and give out ideas.

    Reselection- can be inserted as a normal boss scenario at the end of a campaign, or as a bonus boss scenario after defeating Gozer/ Mr Stay Puft.

    Gozer's power has weakened and Idulnas has been sent to bring about reselection of a more suitable destructor form and prevent another bout with the now "all too easy" Mr Stay Puft. The new destructor will be chosen if he can wear down the Ghostbusters will.

    Setup: scenario starts with Idulnas in play, each GB is given 3 markers on their player card to represent willpower.
    Goal: Defeat Idulnas and the destructor form.
    Rules: When a Ghostbuster misses Idulnas and resolves the possession action, remove 1 willpower from that GBs card.
    If Idulnas is defeated while any GB still has willpower, summon Stay Puft with 1/2 of "To Trap" amount (so 10 streams). Secondary Goal: Defeat Stay Puft to win.
    If all GB lose their willpower before defeating Idulnas, replace Idulnas with Cathulu (no gates on board so "to trap" is 20 instead of 23). Secondary goal: defeat Cathulu to win.

    You can interchange/alter whover you like as the harder destructor form, cathulu just seemed like a good choice since he's the same size figure as stay puft.

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    We should just start working on Peoplebusters scenarios, you know we're getting those next year!

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    Here’s another one I thought up…When the game comes out and I know exactly what the tiles looks like I’ll be able to create a more detailed starting map with ghost placement, but these are just basic concept idea for scenarios to be fleshed out a little. This one’s really just a standard close the gates scenario but with a twist in ghost movement and rules.

    Double Trouble-

    Twins are creepy, right? I am one myself so it’s ok that I admit to that. 

    Some people believe that twins hold a strong psychic bond in life; well it appears that some bonds are even stronger in death! Ghostly twins are running wild in the park, and they don’t stay separated for very long. It’ll take quick coordinated attacks to catch these dastardly duos!

    Setup: 4 gates centered near 4 edges of map (about 2-3 spaces in), opposite each other. GB/ Ecto-1 starts in the center, ghosts on map 8GG, 4GT and 2BM set up in pairs adjacent to each other, these ghosts are twins. In spirit world: 4GG, 2GT, 2BM

    Rules: Twin ghosts act in unison when any movement is required (Example- when a GG is missed, the missed ghost moves and its twin follows its movement and remains adjacent). If moving requires one to land on a GB, that GB is slimed per usual and the ghosts move until both twins are clear of any GB. Twins can still combine into stronger versions (ex. twin GG hit another pair of GG, turn into twin GT) When a twin is trapped, its other half remains in play and performs miss action (it’s angry). When a ghost is summoned from a gate, the ghost is placed per normal rules if there are no other single ghosts in play, otherwise it attaches itself to the nearest single ghost on the map. To close gates: 4+ to hit (3 streams per gate to close) When a gate is closed, be careful, the gate will still unleash ghosts until its mirrored gate (on opposite end of the map) is also closed.

    To win: Close all gates before spirit world emptys.

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    I have many ideas about using my other great love (heroclix) in some custom scenarios. They have some really great generic figures like con artist, thug, police officers and scientists. I was thinking of placing them on the maps in adjacent squares to ghosts. They would get to move towards the bystander each of their turns. Your team must rush to the bystanders and bust the ghost that are harassing them. Kind of incorporating the clix system every time they are slimmed you would clix their dial. Once they are turned to their K O clix they are removed from the game and are replaced with a ghost from the sprit world. Game is over if more than half of the civilians are possessed.
    To rescue a bystander you have to move through their square and take them back to the ecto one. These are just some rough ideas.

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    That's a great idea, Starheart! I have a bunch of maps and clix.

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    I also have a ton of old clix

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    I thought about a competitive mode called Ghostbuster of the Year. Make the biggest map you can or find. Place four portals that cannot be shutdown. Take a d20 that will represent how many rounds are left. I was thinking starting with 20 turns. Each plays tries to bust as many ghost as they can. Rolling the event die and constantly replenish how many ghost are left on the battlefield. Using any and all available ghost. You get credit only for depositing ghost in the ecto one. Ecto one cannot be moved and needs to be placed as close to the center of the map. This can create scenarios where players may try to steal your ghost from you that you have two streams on. Perhaps you camp yourself by portals just busting ghost after ghost. Players will be forced to decide when is the best time to deposit ghost. Do you keep catching ghost or risk it and go back at the last second. Maybe you get slimmed and loose an entire turn trying to deslime yourself. These are just a few thoughts.

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    Capture The Flag Scenario

    This would be a scenario suitable for an even number of 4-10 players (more on the 10 player game below).

    Characters are divided into two teams/groups. This scenario is a modification of Capture the Flag. Characters race to seal fissures in their Ecto Containment Units. You can choose to split a team in any number of different ways, but for thematic purposes I like the ides of:

    Original Ghostbusters versus New Ghostbusters

    Original Ghostbusters would consist of:

    New Ghostbusters would consist of:

    For 10 player games, you may want to clone the Rookie. An appropriate proxy will be required to represent this character. Assume this Rookie is a different person than the one who appeared in the Ghostbusters Video Game (unless you want to explain it away as a side effect of a Weird Science experiment gone terribly, terribly wrong).

    You'd have to make the following modifications to the standard rules:
    • For the purposes of movement, teammates are considered friendly spaces. Members of the opposite team are not considered friendly spaces.
    • You can only deposit traps in your own ECU.
    • You can only remove slime from a teammate.
    • You may only transfer Ghosts to or from a teammate.
    • Character sheet abilities that interact with other Ghostbusters or All Players only benefit teammates.

    Gates are evenly distributed for maximum bilateral symmetry, about a third of the way up and in on each side. They represent Breaches in the Ecto Containment Unit.

    Instead of an Ecto-1, you have two team portable Ecto Containment Units located on opposite sides of the playing fields, each one corresponding to a team (think of them as goals at the end of the map). Traps may only be deposited in your own team's Ecto Containment Unit. Each Ecto Containment unit can only be sealed if at least four fissures (gates) have been closed by your team. A character must be adjacent to the Ecto Containment Unit to seal it, and it requires a standard action.

    An opposing team can also shut down their opponents Ecto Containment Unit. This requires them to be adjacent to it and requires a standard action. This reopens any gates which the opposing team has sealed. It also prevents any traps from being deposited until the Ecto Containment Unit has been turned back on.

    SCENARIO SUCCESS: Seal your team's Ecto Containment Unit.

    SCENARIO FAIL: Ecto-containment unit not sealed.

    SCENARIO DRAW: If you are required to summon a Ghost from the Spirit World (off Map) and cannot, neither team wins the scenario.

    ON MAP:
    (6) Class 1
    (2) Class 2
    (2) Class 3
    Note: Zombie Taxi Drivers won't work in this scenario.

    (6) Class 1
    (2) Class 2
    Spectral Ghostbuster (1 per player in play)

    Rolling an Open Gate Symbol:
    A Ghost from the Spirit World is summoned through the Gate matching that symbol.

    Rolling a Closed Gate Symbol:
    No effect.

    Closing a Fissure (Gate): To Hit: 4+
    When Hit: Place a Proton Stream Marker on that space.
    When Missed: A Ghost from the Spirit World is summoned through that fissure.
    To Close: 2 Proton Stream Markers from the same team are on that space.

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