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    Question About Samhain and Ecto-1 LOS

    Hello everyone,,,
    Greetings fellow Busters! Samhain is my all time favorite Entity in the game but I have a question about his one weakness. as his card states he can only be effected in combat if he is in line of sight of the space in front of Ecto-1. this I assume is the range of the headlight beams from Ecto-1. My question is , if a ghost ends its move and stops on Ecto-1 does this also immobilize the headlights on Ecto-1 in effect temporarily negating it's Line of Sight ability until the ghost is removed? not sure if it's suppose to, but it might be fun if it did. (It would simulate when Egon was trying to get those search lights working in the episode "When Halloween was forever" Let me know what you guys think. "Well this mere mortal would like to get a better look at you! Egon Shines his Flashlight On Samhian Forcing the Entity to turn away in Revulsion and fly away".
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