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    Alternative to Mass Hysteria Parts Storage & a Box Upgrade

    When I got my Mass Hysteria in the mail I was bummed that while technically all the base parts are in the box, I just didn't see how I was supposed to store the punched out stream and slime tokens in a baggie.

    Also, pulling out the Mass Hysteria box was a bit of a pain, I had no where for my spectral GBs or zombie taxi drivers, and the included bags were on the small side.

    I didn't want to go the foam core route as I have no desire to make my own or buy one for almost $40 that won't let the box close and still not deal with everything.

    My solution was to utilize some ribbon & a GB metal lunchbox!

    You can see the pics below, but basically....

    1) The thick "Slimer Green" ribbon makes it a breeze to extract the minis box. Just like a ribbon inside a battery compartment. Just pull up on both ends and it comes right out.

    2) I had extra polybags lying around that were twice the size of the included. It makes storage much easier. Also, I found that the Spectral GBs & Zombie Taxi Drivers fit together in just one of the white mailers, which was helpful.

    All of which fits neatly inside the ghost trap lunchbox along w/ the tiles. I could probably shove the Spirit Guide in there too but having it in the mini tray makes it easier to handle both trays when re-inserting them into the brown box.

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    That is a pretty cool lunchbox.

    I want.

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    The ribbon is a great idea. I'm working on a template to store minis in the original box.

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    I came up with a rather bare-bones storage solution for game and add-ons.

    The addons are simply placed on top of the other game parts:

    To prevent the box lid from pressing down on the addons I cut a couple of 2,5cm (1") strips from the shipping box and taped them to the inside of the box lid:

    The brown cardboard strips make the lid "hover" above the box making room for the addons in their boxes. This is what it looks like when the lid is on the box:

    I kinda like that I now can see the black and yellow stripes on the box.

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    ok, I made a custom cardboard frame out of scrap, and used one of the trays. I was able to fit all the SG's, and some Ghosts from the second game, Tobin's Spirit guide, and all my tiles into the box. It creeps up a bit. I also used an old comforter package to keep it dry. I may put some foam in the package to make it fit better, but I'm going to bed. at least they are all safe!

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    Lunchbox is still my favorite.

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    Yeah it's cool but it is an exclusive

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    Quote Originally Posted by Werechicken View Post
    Actually, it is. This is being sold by Toynk Toys LLC through the Walmart Marketplace.

    Here is the "About Marketplace Retailers" snippet.

    Walmart Marketplace Buying Options
    Here's what you need to know about buying from our approved Marketplace Retailers:
    Marketplace items are not returnable to or Walmart stores
    You can buy and Marketplace items in the same order
    It's safe - we don't share your credit card information with Marketplace Retailers
    Marketplace Retailers ship the items you buy from them
    Tracking details (if available) can be found in your Walmart account
    Marketplace Retailers provide customer service for the items you buy from them
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    Let me rephrase.

    I thought Brad was implying it wasn't being sold anymore.

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